This week is proof, as if any was needed, that deciding what to wear in advance is really not my thing any more than rule-following in general is. To wit, here are my current (weak!) numbers for Sal’s 3x10 challenge

Blue/white 2-piece dress top—2
Blue/white 2-piece dress skirt—2
Pink suit skirt—0
Pink suit top—1
Pink suit jacket—1 or 2
Mini 2-piece dress top—0
Mini 2-piece dress skirt—0
Black silk shirt—1?
Purple cardi—0

The month being a third over, I should be at a third of the 30 wears, but instead I’m around 7. There are two reasons for this, both of them happy: the weather is glorious, too warm for the top half of the mini dress or any of the toppers (& I count the silk shirt as a topper) and I’ve been distracted by —ohh, squirrel! —“shiny” things like my new clog sandals, and an old blouse I’ve been trying to figure out, which led to off-path adventures. Good thing I’m doing this for fun and am not being graded.

Here are photos of what I’ve been wearing:

I’ll come back & add descriptions after a swim

ETA I’m back

1-2 morning before my son’s graduation, made a quick stop at the market to see if there was a bag I wanted to carry that day, nearly got a silk scarf, bought neither in the end. I had the jacket on, ready to go, until I stepped outside. I went right back in & dropped it off—would’ve simply taken up room in the bag I was carrying. I’m wearing the Ecco sandals.

3&4 are capris/ pedal pushers from back in the day. I’ve been trying to think what to wear the blouse with, so I gave them a try. Both are lightweight enough cotton that I didn’t look like the broad side of a barn irl as I do here, but the blouse is so big I’m going to have to have an underlayer that can be seen.

5-6 I thought the bright yellow of Berlin’s public transit would be a good frame for the black & white jumpsuit, but neither I nor the young woman I asked to take some pix (she took 12-15!) got the shot lined up right. C’est la vie. At least you can see that I’m wearing my clog sandals. The jumpsuit is one I tried on a year ago—it’s what set off my recent insight into “rise” not being purely a vertical measure.

7 I woulda coulda shoulda worn the silk shirt as a topper if it weren’t so warm.

8-9 Not great pix, but do document, just barely, that I wore both pieces of the blue/white dress with the white flats. Pix were taken while I was forced to wait for UPS to open so I could drop off the big box on my bike—returns to Yoox! The eggplant caponata was good.

10. I got to swiiiiiiiiiiim. I’m calling this my Scooby-doo dress because of the color scheme. Watch is the one I use in the water. Could’ve used pink linen jacket or tie-dye purple cardi as a topper, but it’s too warm. I’ll try them both when I get home, because summer in Berlin isn’t always this nice.

11. Another challenge: will I be able to do a pull-up by month’s end?

12-15 late adds. This little cotton sundress will never be right for a cool evening, or even for a rainy day. But even with temps in the 70s, there can be times when I want a little something, like today, when the sun’s kiss was a bit too aggressive for me (sunburns give me chills). Does either the mesh cardi or the linen jacket (challenge points!!) work for that?

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