It's August, which means it's time for me to take a good look at my wardrobe. Last year's post is here

With the exception of about two months a year (January and July), the seasons can be quite fluid where I live, so I don't do a seasonal wardrobe rotation. Everything stays out year-round. These are my current numbers:

Dresses: 8 (5 summer, 1 transitional, 1 winter, 1 occasion)
--Last year: 7 (+1)

--Some of the summer dresses can also be used for transitional seasons, with layers. I added one summer dress this year. One other seems to be transitioning to more of a loungewear role, as I throw it on after a shower or to/from the pool.

Toppers: 16 (4 blazers, 6 cardigans, 3 jackets, 1 poncho, 1 vest, 1 kimono)
--Last year: 12 (+4)

--I still have more blazers than I need working from home, but I inherited some of my mother's collection, and I like them. Added lots of toppers last year including my silk kimono wrap, fur vest, and brown leather jacket. Toppers are most likely to be statement items in my wardrobe.

Jeans: 5 (3 skinny (burgundy, indigo, and black), 1 cropped boyfriend, 1 ripped knee)
--Last year: 5 (—)

--I should get rid of the torn ones, but they’re my FAVORITE. I’m keeping for home wear.

Pants: 6 (1 ponte leggings, 1 ponte pants, 1 linen pants, 1 cropped trousers, 1 chinos, 1 casual jogger)
--Last year: 3 (+3)

--Holy increase, Batman! All of these are worn often, and they're all different, so there’s that.

Skirts: 4 (1 denim, 1 wrap, 1 wool, 1 midi)
--Last year: 4 (—)

--My least-worn wardrobe items. They’re not orphans, though, and I do pull them out occasionally.

Blouses, Shirts, and Pulllovers: 29 (12 long-sleeve, 4 short-sleeve, 8 sleeveless, 5 pullover sweaters)
--Last year: 20 (+9)

--Oof. I guess this isn’t terrible for four seasons, though?

Graphic Tees, Layering Tees, and Tanks (mostly used for layering/sleepwear): 19 (11 tanks, 2 plain tees, 7 graphic tees)
--Last year: 24 (-5)

--This number has been coming down as things wear out and I don’t replace them (or replace them with blouses). I don’t need as many as I have, but they also all fit in a single little drawer, so no harm done keeping them.

Shoes: 12 (3 heels, 4 boots/booties, 1 sandals, 1 flats, 1 oxfords, 2 sneakers)
--Last year: 13 (-1)

--I still have more heels than I need given current trends and my lifestyle. I have one 4” pair that I really should let go. I don’t think I’ve worn them in more than a year. However, I still have a nice open spot on my shelf for another pair of booties, so no huge rush.

Total Main Wardrobe: 99 items
Last year: 88 (+11)

I also have about 20 pieces of dedicated athletic/sleep/swimwear, two winter coats, a trench, four hats, and a million (minus a few this year) scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and bags.

I really would have liked to see my numbers go down rather than up, but I'm glad to still be under 100 items, if only by a hair. I feel like I have an insane amount of tops, and more than enough tees and tanks. I feel like I can let the latter drop off by attrition, but I should probably implement one-in, one-out for the shirts and blouses.

Looking at wear levels:
More than 25 times: 14 items
5-24 times: 63 items
Less than 5 times: 22 items

This seems about right to me if I'm aiming for 30+ wears before replacing items. I'd be comfortable planning to replace 20-25% of my 100-piece wardrobe per year. Less would be fabulous.

THANK YOU, if you've managed to read this far. I know the numbers thing isn't for everyone, but it is useful to me, so I hope some of you will find it interesting. Your reward is closet pictures!

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