This is the time of year I like to step back and do some assessing. The combination of my birthday and the start of a new school year in August makes it feel like time for a fresh start.

Here's where I'm at. I don't do a seasonal wardrobe rotation, so this is my entire closet.

Dresses: 7 (4 summer, 1 transitional, 1 winter, 1 occasion)
--Some of the summer dresses can also be used for transitional seasons, with layers. I put one dress in the holding zone, because it was fussy and I didn't feel it suited my style anymore. Another is on notice.

Toppers: 12 (4 blazers, 4 cardigans, 3 jackets, 1 poncho)
--I definitely have more blazers than I need working from home, but I inherited some of my mother's collection, and am willing to take my time making those decisions. Also still looking for that primo leather jacket.

Jeans: 5 (3 skinny (burgundy, indigo, and black), 1 cropped boyfriend, 1 trouser)
--Feel just fine about this for now

Pants: 3 (1 ponte leggings, 1 chinos, 1 casual jogger)
--I'd like to add a cropped trouser.

Skirts: 4 (1 denim, 1 wrap, 1 wool, 1 midi)
--The wrap skirt was a gift that I've only worn once. The denim skirt is on notice.

Tops: 20 (8 long-sleeve, 4 sleeveless, 5 sweaters, 3 other)
--This includes long-sleeve tees that I wear on their own. I'd like to swap out/upgrade some of the sweaters, but the total here works for me.

Tees and Tanks (mostly used for layering/sleepwear): 24 (12 tanks, 3 plain tees, 9 graphic tees)
--Yikes! It's a lot, but they all fit in one drawer, tidily kon-mari'd, so whatevs.

Shoes: 13 (4 heels, 4 boots, 1 sandals, 1 ballet flats, 1 oxfords, 2 sneakers)
--I have more heels than I need or wear, but the total number feels fine to me, so I'll probably do some swapping.

Total Main Wardrobe: 88 items

I also have about 20 pieces of athletic/sleep/swimwear, two winter coats, four hats, and a million* scarves, necklaces, bracelets, and bags.

Do you all see any major holes here? Anyone else feeling up for some numbers-wonking?

*give or take

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