Let me just say that I am awe of your list, numbers and closet all on the same level. I have no suggestions whatsoever You have so great ones already. Wow

Elizabeth, it sounds like you love your closet, though! I definitely still have some 7s and below, but I'm working on it.

smittie: Of course, I cropped out my husband's mass of t-shirts hanging below my things, so it doesn't look quite so cohesive in real life (and the light is terrible in there!) He did a major cleanout recently too, thus all those empty hangers in the back.

JAileen: I feel like having less also forces me to keep up on the laundry a little better than I would otherwise. I'm not disciplined about doing it on a regular day each week, so I'd let it pile up if I could.

kerry: do post when you're finished! I love seeing everyone's analysis!

chewyspaghetti: Your list really shows how climate comes into play. We have similar numbers in total, but I bet you wear shorts, sandals, and summer dresses for a bigger chunk of the year than I do!

Oh yes, Jenn- I can wear summer items up to 9 months here, especially if I layer them!

I'm impressed with your numbers and organized closet! Not sure I'm ready to see my numbers quite yet. You seem pretty sorted, but some knits and boots/booties could be fine for F/W. I really like Aida's #6, too.

Yes our needs are pretty similar...my climate will be a lot wetter, and I probably work in a more conservative field (but I really can wear anything I want).

Aside from that it is just preferences as you lean to a more creative look with great hats and scarves, and I probably lean to quite a simple sporty type look.

I am now looking forward to sorting my things out.

I don't do exact one in one out, but approximate. I have grown in footwear and probably decreased in tops over the last year.

Jenn, you have inspired me to start thinking about my fall wardrobe. Due to weight gain from an injury I will have to replace most of my pants. Tops should still be OK. I really want to keep my fall wardrobe minimal as hopefully by spring I will be back to my usual size.
Your numbers are truly impressive. BTW I live in Colorado too

Here are my numbers. (I work outside the home and wear business clothes 4 x per week. Also have weather extremes.)

Suits: 3 with pants/jackets and 1 with pants and dress, 1 skirt suit
Jackets/Blazers: 9
Skirts: 10
Pants/trousers: 8 (almost all are black!)
Tops/pullovers: 35 (I could do some editing there, but I wear them all!)
Blouses: 24 (some are sleeveless, some are short sleeve, some are long. Will probably keep them all. I wear them!)
Cardigans: 16 (I have a problem....)

I didn't include jeans, tshirts, shorts, heavy sweaters, footwear, pajamas, workout clothes, etc in my count. But I can say that I have 6 pairs of boots, 4 pair of booties, 8 pumps/heels for work, plus more.

I am not loving the volume, but I love the choice and flexibility I have with a wardrobe this size!

Your wardrobe is exceptionally well balanced --- covering every base without excess. You mention a conference capsule, do you also have options for "special occasions?" like weddings or funerals. Because of singing, I can manage the more sorrowful occasions without much notice, but I'm going to a wedding tomorrow, and I feel all my options are a bit more casual -- more like fancy church -- than I'd like.

Also --- heck, yes to the leather jacket and yes to knitwear. With a small wardrobe, these items won't last as long.

Great topic ! I have no suggestions ....but I definitely need to come up
With some counts myself. I love those lists of activity categories those are really helpful.

Lynn, hello fellow Coloradan!

Tammy, this made me laugh:
I didn't include jeans, tshirts, shorts, heavy sweaters, footwear, pajamas, workout clothes, etc in my count.
Pretty much my whole wardrobe is the stuff you didn't count!

Beth Ann, my LBD works for something like a funeral as well as a cocktail party (with an accessory swap, of course). I definitely have a wardrobe hole when it comes to something like a daytime wedding, but I'm at an age (40s) where there aren't a whole lot of those in my life.

Chris, the activity lists are definitely helpful! I find the numbers helpful too, because it helps me to acknowledge that yes, I have an absurd number of t-shirts.

Wow, this is certainly an eye-opener for me. I am inspired by your numbers and thoughtful approach. I realize that I am still a work in progress.

After several small edits over the years since joining YLF and one gigantic edit over a month ago, it's obvious to me that I still have way too many clothes. I'm looking at my 'summer closet' right now and while I'm afraid to count, I can tell I have way more than your entire wardrobe in this closet alone. Winter tops, winter pants, winter skirts, sweaters, all gear, outerwear, scarves, hats, gloves, sleepwear and all footwear are in different locations. I guess even my edited wardrobe is still a very large wardrobe. (Which was even larger when I worked in an office.) Your post is great motivation.

Thanks for the welcome Jenn. I have a pretty light week next week so plan to go through my fall/winter wardrobe to see what still fits.
Hopefully I can come up with a small capsule to get me through the fall season.