At -10degC, today is reported to be the coldest day of our winter - so far. If previous years are any indication, summer-like weather is about 3 - 4 months away. When it arrives (sometime in May) it will be HOT - and, it will last through August, and possibly into September. What better time than now to start work on a high summer capsule?

The 2020 ‘counting wears’ experiment revealed that I wore shorts on a few random freak warm days before June, but wore only shorts, June, July, August. No ‘long pants’. Nadda. The tops were 10 all season tops with a sleeveless tank and boho blouse rounding out the dozen I wore on repeat. I did wear a dress or skirt outfit on 6 occasions/3 months.

It’s time for me to invest in a real high summer capsule for my ROTG (retiree on the go) lifestyle of home-making with routine errands, gardening, long walks (2 hours), a weekly day trip/drive with DH in ‘the thing’, etc.

Before I make up my list, I want to know what you would collect if you were creating a 3 month capsule for ‘on the go’ - non work - high summer, and starting from scratch! Daytime temps 30deg.C or 85degF.