Thank you everyone who contributed to this thread:

I’ve made a careful start and shopped the on-line end of season and clear-out sales, acquiring 8 new items in the process. B&M has been off limits since December 26th, and are only now just starting to open up with restricted hours of operation. I’m hoping to visit local thrift shops and our great indy shoe shop to add a few more things: 1-2 dresses, shorts, sandals.

This is my S/S capsule. 44 items for May through October with June, July, and August being high/hot summer.

Finds below are ‘new’.

While playing with these new additions, I’ve discovered more combinations than I originally anticipated. The sleeveless button downs work really well with the red pleated skirt, and everything goes with the white jeans. The white slip on sneakers are super comfy and a touch more refined than my trusty Converse.

I’m bringing some of these items out now (white jeans - 5 wears!) but most will go into rotation from May.

How is your S/S wardrobe planning progressing?