JAileen - I was wearing them today. I find them comfortable, but quite hard/inflexible. I have been having foot pain and I haven't decided if they are helping or hurting yet (or neither). I think they are of good quality, and fairly narrow. I have a pretty narrow foot, but could see others with a wider foot could not easily wear this style.

Gorgeous collection, THE RIGHT TOP makeS work any bottom, ISN'T IT! My faves are 1, 7, 14, 21 aaaaaand: 22! The white tee perfection! wow!

I'm sorry I'm late to the post, I'm not sure how I missed it earlier.

You did a GREAT job of honing in on Tops that flatter you and suit your life style. The fact that you can wear your wardrobe year round provided me with yet another wardrobe goal going forward. I understand your comment about not having to do a seasonal shop for Winter. It all makes so much sense now.

I looked at the tops. You have a really nice variety. I see varied colors and silhouettes, yet they all hang together as a cohesive unit. Some of my favorites are numbers 1, 2, 8, 14, and 18. The standouts, in my opinion, are numbers 21 and 22. They are both so striking (especially 21). Are these last two older items in your wardrobe?

But I also want to comment how well you pair each of your tops with bottoms. The silhouette is proportionately perfect, especially number 3. Everything about 3 works so well.

Finally, my two favorites ensembles are numbers 12 and 13.

I also like all your bottoms. It seems you pulled tougher a wardrobe characterized by VARIETY. Mine seems to be characterized by a UNIFORM.


Thanks Lyn67. The white top in 22 is probably 7-8 years old, and it often works when nothing else is quite right. For me, the top almost always drives the outfit, and only the embroidered jeans are my bottoms that don't mix with just about anything (a lot of my printed tops look too busy with it for my tastes).

Sterling - glad I bugged you, as you prompted my recap.
I definitely do seek variety in my wardrobe. This can be both good and bad. Unfortunately I often want newness, which makes it harder for me to step away from looking or buying when I have enough. I wouldn't wear sleeveless by itself in winter, but the one I got in 8 will work as a layer later. And I can wear the crops or skirts with booties or boots all year. I wear light colored booties in summer too. It's a look I've really grown to like on myself. If it's cooler though the winter, a longer sleeved top or sweater still works with the bottoms (as in 22, the booties are several years old with a very old white tee), so the majority of pieces remain in play all year.

I love the top in 21. It goes best with white bottoms, and really pops. I got it at Dillard's two years ago, and I went back last year to find something similar. No success then, but it's the same brand as top in 5, which works well too, but is not nearly as striking. I do find I have to make sure not to save a top like that. I am working on wearing my favorites and not saving them lest they wear out. I want to be able to fully enjoy what makes me feel best.

Thank you for the compliment on the proportion. That's the biggest reason I might try on and change either top or bottom - trying instinctively to get that right proportion. I like the pants in 3 for their sleeker fit, and I have a goal for the fall of finding a dressier version of black or navy pants similar to that fit.

As to 13, that's the moto jacket I didn't need but couldn't walk away from. I loved it when I tried it on, and then when I paired it with the skirt I was very happy with the duo. Even the tank under it I like (which is a super old coldwater creek tank. I also like it with the top in pic 1). Of course, I'm unlikely to wear the jacket through the summer season unless it's for a very particular event. It's something I could wear the rest of the year. Even in the height of my winter I mostly don't need to cover my legs.

Your posts about seasonal shopping were good food for thought for me. Remember to slap my hand if I'm going for much other than booties and underpinnings at NAS.

Happy to hear that you have many faves and that your wardrobe is working out for you. Well done.

Hi Delurked -- You are doing so well with your wardrobe. Mixing new with old seamlessly.

We will definitely hold each other's hand during NAS. You being limited to booties and underpinnings. Me limited to underpinnings and perhaps one Nike pair of leggings. There was a third thing for me as well. Can't think of what it is right now .....