Hi all, I have been working on my warm-weather footwear collection and thought I would share!

I had a terrible flare-up of plantar fasciitis last summer, so I ended up getting rid of almost all my summer shoes. After a winter of ankle boots with very cushiony inserts, my feet are quite a bit better. I'm determined to have a spring and summer of happy feet, without resorting too much to purely athletic sneakers.

Here's what I've found. These are all very comfy, all true to size, and most have removable inserts for custom orthotics (even the Noat blue sandals, which I love and which look better with a foot in them).

I'm doing a happy dance in my new Danskos today, and intend to carry on through the summer...and am also going on a shopping break because whew, that's a lot of new shoes.