Hello! I've been tracking my purchases this year, and tracking wears for about 6 months and I thought I would share with you all. It's been fun. I like a good spreadsheet. This post is long, just for those of you who enjoy this sort of #s thing. 

I have an ultra casual work wardrobe and live in a 4 season climate (well, really 2 seasons, hot and cold. It's still in the 90s every day now, but I expect snow in October!).

I have 93 items, not including things that are too worn or too gear-y to wear to work. (So counting a few sweatshirts, but not counting things I wear to garden/make art projects with the kids/exercise/sleep. These "play clothes" I keep separately in a big drawer and wear until they fall apart).
This also does not include accessories, outerwear (I have 15 coats/jackets/vests), or shoes (I have 20 including everything from snow boots to flip flops.)

Here's the rundown:
14 pants, mostly jeans (3 cropped, 3 colored, variety of blue jeans, a few non-jeans)
8 dresses
2 skirts (I only wear one, the other is dressy and I can't figure it out but it's so pretty!)
19 short sleeve Tshirts (OK this is a lot)
11 long-sleeve Tshirts and tunics
10 Blouses and shirts
14 pullover sweaters
12 cardigans
3 sweatshirts

About half of these are for winter, half for summer. I'm pretty happy overall with these #, except that I will need to add to the pants for next summer.

Tracking what I wore:
Over the spring and summer, there were 7 bottoms that I wore 10+ times each. This seemed about right.
I became constrained by footwear partway through the summer and had to stick to truly athletic sneakers due to plantar fasciitis. This was depressing and had me dressing even more casually than normal and not wearing my summer dresses as much.
Tracking was useful in identifying what I really need/wear, and estimating how much I will need to replace. For example, given my current # and wear rate of all cardigans, if they last 4-5 years then I will wear each one 30-40 times and should replace 2-3 each year.

60% of the items I bought this year were used/thrifted. My biggest wins were neutral toppers (new winter trenchcoat, some great thrifted sweaters) and workhorse summer pants (linen joggers, cropped jeans). My biggest fails were items that I bought (mostly used) before I needed them, and then realized they didn't work. Maybe buying more for the current season is the way to go, so I'm more in tune with what I want and need- unless purchasing from a store with a generous return policy like Nordstroms. Other fails were when I tried outside my normal cool-color zone. Some red and white items are going away.

What I want to work on:
Footwear, big time. I'm happy that I might be able to start wearing ankle boots with inserts. I tried buying new shoes this year but nothing really worked out well and I returned several pair. It's good to have something to focus on though.