Just a few wiw’s to check in with the YLF style masters, as I always appreciate your advice on what I am wearing. My spring weather is all over the place, hot and 30C on day, cold, rainy and 15C the next. I love the variety, so no complaints, but it does mean that planning outfits can require two alternatives, depending on the weather if I have a special occasion coming up.

My WIWs reflect the fact that I am dressing more casually - my shift dress, blazer and pump work unform has relaxed. I still like wearing dresses, but the dress is generally a bit looser and less structured. I still wear jackets and the occasional cardigan, but once again, less formal and my footwear has gone from heeled pumps to boots - combat and ankle boots.

I would be interested in your opinion on the dress in photo 2 & 3.

I was quite hesitant about the colour of this dress, but the more I wear it, the more it feels right for my current style direction. I still love colour, but find I am drawn to neutrals. Pink is a favourite colour, and yet, with Barbie core being a thing, I seem to be moving away from it to other more subdued colours. The colour I am most enamoured with at the moment is blue in all its shades.

Photo 1 - cold and stormy weather - jacket, cargo pants, belt and boots.

Photos 2 & 3 - new dress for summer, worn belted and for the photo to see if it works with a cropped puffer, the colours look a bit closer in real life than how they are photographing with the light.

Photo 4 - Another new hot weather summer dress, bias cut in a pinstripe, took me back to the 1990's and lovely and cool to wear.

Photos 5 & 6 - puff sleeve shirt and black skirt, with anorak - I was inspired to wear this skirt by Angie's party skirt formula. I find this skirt easy to wear even when not attending a party as this was just a work from home day.

Photos 7 & 8 - pink dress and cardigan.

Photo 9 - Monochrome, black and white. A white wrap dress with a black slip underneath because in my windy city wrap dresses only work if you don't mind them blowing apart from time to time. I always feel a little bit of LJP magic when I wear my Alexander McQueen scarf.

New item for 2022 are in finds, the rest are old favourites. Comments and suggestions are gratefully received!