Hi all

Work has been sucking up a lot of my energy lately but I am trying to incorporate some style changes for spring. Freshening up my look always makes me feel happier at work.

Skirts are a big part of my work uniform. What I am interested in incorporating this spring is:
1. Longer midi length skirts. Most of my skirts land just above the knee but I would like to go longer.
2. More waist definition via a tucked, semi tucked or cropped top. Possibly a belt.
3. High shaft booties or high shaft sandals when the weather gets warmer.

Pic 1 shows the general idea (it is a Tom Ford ensemble from Neiman Marcus).

Outfit 1 has all of the elements. The bracelet is from the Brooklyn museum. Brooklyn does Brooklyn!

Outfit 2 has some of the elements. I had planned to wear brown high shaft ankle boots but it was a wet day and knee highs are better in the wet (plus the ankle boots are suede). I am also wearing brown fishnets but they are barely visible in the gap. This may be a good thing depending on how you feel about fishnets The top is an old one. It is one of those placeholders la Pedestrienne posted about. I prefer the looser fit of the top in outfit 1 and would love something similar in brown. For now, this one will do.

Your thoughts are welcome. Have a great weekend. It is a long weekend here, so yay for that

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