In my search for spring/ summer items to refresh my wardrobe, I've come up with a few hits, many more fails, and a few question marks. I'm sorry I don't have photos of me wearing any of these items but I'll give you mini-reviews.

I won't discuss footwear (yet).

The Clear Wins (all from J. Crew)

Collection Silk A line skirt in nightfall freesia. I read the reviews and sized up (which was good since I needed to). It is silk but it has pockets, which keeps it from feeling precious. And it goes with almost every top in my closet and both my denim toppers. I think it's a win. Nice change of silhouette. Replaces my VC striped skirt which had pilled from constant wear over three years.

Linen boatneck tees -- these were a no-brainer for me. I already own a navy, a white, and a cobalt one. Despite being delicate they have lasted for three summers with a lot of wear. (I wash them in delicate and lay flat to dry). They're a summer staple offering coverage without sacrificing coolness. They replace several worn out tees.

Striped crewneck sweater -- more of a spring item but since our weather is still freezing I have already worn it about 5 times since it arrived a week ago. Nice quality. Fluid, slightly boxy fit.

Slim chino short -- nice fabric, a bit like a BF short, easy to wear. Some show through in the pockets but this is not a deal breaker for me in this not-tight style. I may cut the back pockets out.

The Fails (Aritzia and The Bay)

Wilfred Octave blouse -- way too cropped even for short-waisted me, and snug in the bust. Back they go. (I knew they would be cropped but not to the extent they are.)

Trompette dress -- in the same size as the blouses, loose rather than snug, with no possibility of wearing a bra and if I went bra-less (which I wouldn't) I would be exposing my entire side-boob. No. Just no.

Free People tank -- ugh. Wrinkly, too big in the body, too short.

The Maybes

Theory Wendell top -- I love this style and this is in a trans-seasonal modal fabric. Fits great, looks great, on sale (and gets rave reviews). But it's rather on the short side (do you detect a theme here) so I am not sure whether I'll keep it. I need to experiment in the closet a bit first.

1 State peplum blouse -- this one is prettier in person than in the photo. I don't usually do V necks but was hoping I might get away with one since I've gained a bit of weight. It is really lovely but rather large for me in the smallest size, not so much at the front (I do fill that out quite well) but at the side body. The armholes manage to be fine in depth, and the pattern helps disguise the extra side fabric, and I have to admit that looseness might be an advantage in high summer. I'll try to get a photo to show you this weekend.

Sevres blouse -- I might try this one a size up. I think I might be between sizes. The bust feels a bit snug. (Yeah...the bust. On me!!) I also think it is on the long side for me -- there is something about the cut that isn't quite right. I fear that the next size up will be too low under the arms. However, might be worth a try. Pattern and fabric are nice.

The moral of the story? It appears there is a reason that a good half of my wardrobe is from J. Crew. When you're confined to online shopping for the most part and you find a brand that pretty consistently fits, it's hard not to get a bit dependent. I do sometimes yearn to branch out a bit from the preppy vibe, but again -- when the skirt (or tee, or sweater) fits....