Suz, I'm interested in the JCrew linen, but all the reviews say that the tanks and long sleeves are VERY see through this year. Is that your experience? (I'm in Ottawa, and as you know, humidity makes wearing another layer for modesty impossible at times. One bra and one linen tank is about all I can stand in the dog days of summer! LOL)

Kim, I don't think the darker colours are too see through but then again, I am not wearing to an office. If I were, I might be more self-conscious. I got the light grey and the cool-dyed blue this round and I can wear either without a camisole. I do always wear a tank under my white one, however. I just use a cotton tank.

The modesty factor might feel higher in any colour in a sleeved tee like I am wearing, though. It isn't exposing skin in the same way a tank is. Know what I mean? But honestly, these are the only sleeved tees I will wear on a hot day.

Colette, I am wondering if that is the very same tank I tried -- it was also Free People. I'll look it up. On me it was too short and too big, both....sigh...

Joy, thank you -- great styling suggestions for the skirt!

LaP, yes, J. Crew does some lovely colours. Sometimes they are too intense for my low contrast colouring but the blues and some of the berry tones usually work for me.

Beth Ann, I am writing this summer and may be taking a libretto course if I am admitted to it. Thank you!

Lyn, you are always so kind. I'll try to show some outfits when I get my camera back. DD is using it for a course.

Actually, you did pretty well. There are more hits than misses. I really like those JCrew boatneck tees, and the skirt is very feminine and pretty.

Aritzia is geared to women not in our age group. I love their subdued colours and drapey styles, but I like to try things on in person. Many tops have too-large armholes for my taste (you're supposed to wear a bandeau underneath, but that only works for itty bitty titties!), some fabrics are too sheer, and some tops are too cropped even on me. I typically take ten things into the change room, and come out with nine nays and one yay (which I normally buy two of).

Suz, I loved the capsule photos, such dreamy colors and patterns...I also can't wait to see you modeling the keepers.