I can not get these -


- out of my mind (or off my wish list)! However, the price is prohibitive

Last summer I was on the lookout for white dressier sandals to wear with a couple of silk summer dresses, bit could not find any that fit my specifications. The above shoes are it!

Any ideas regarding similar sandals at a more realistic price?
Or when do you pay more for something that is a HEWI?
At this point I am thinking of all the time I would save no longer looking for this type of sandal, but I know that is really an attempt to justify paying so much!

Helpful opinions appreciated, thanks!

Update - So I took the advice of ClaraT and ordered them for a tryout. Thankfully for the wallet, they do not fit perfectly - which they would need to do at that price! Phew, saved - now on to other ideas ...