I ordered this set from Mango and am mildly horrified it was shipped from Spain . Completely ridiculous and I’ll not do *that* again . It arrived within a week however , and I figured I better try it on before it’s too late . I’m just so unfocused right now and also losing interest very rapidly in the event I purchased this outfit for . Probably a passive- aggressive stance I’m taking here . So anyways , here it is . It obviously needs shortening , which isn’t a big deal because the hem isn’t finished anyways . It fits fine otherwise , but I can’t wrap my head around it as a “look” . It’s a lot more *fashion* than I usually do ( my daughter looks at me and asks “ is that the amazon set ?” ( popular with the influencer set - UGH)

I don’t not like it but I didn’t jump up and down either ( maybe because it’s so out of my usual fashion zone ) .

Fit is fine . Colour is great . But again with the footwear and topper issues . The linen blazer isn’t the right look here . The silk bomber is a perfect colour match but is it too weird ? ( I’ve had it for years and never wear it but secretly love it ) . Do I really want a high contrast shoe ?

Dress code for the event said no black or white , please . But I’m thinking black / gold shoes and a black denim jacket would be cool . I might not need the topper anyways if it’s warm enough .

Should I keep this set or fly it back to Spain ?

Thanks in advance for indulging me lately . Also pls ignore my usual terrible lighting , messy hair and no lip colour . End of a long day .

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