I love it too! Seems like it would be an easy thing to throw on with a jacket and have a whole outfit. I like it with the linen jacket but especially with those shoes peeping out.

Lisa do you like that " gather some of the topper fabric into a elastic on the inside" technique to give a fluid top some shape?

Ok, I haven't read the comments yet, but first, I love the set and seriously do not see "too much fashion" or whatever -- I see elegant ease! It looks great on you. Fantastic colour and easily workable as separates as well, moving into autumn -- for those hot September days when you are wanting fall colours but can't bear long sleeves etc.

Equally I love the bomber (alone or with other stuff, or with this set). -- so unique and pretty! Why have you been hiding that? Wear it!

However, I think I prefer the blazer for this event (at least as I imagine it) but you will know your context better.

And the SHOES! I love the shoes -- so pretty!! Interesting details and a lovely shape!

Back to read the comments, but if it were me, I am pretty sure I'd be keeping this outfit for this event or some other. The brown is really lovely on you. You glow in it.

Gosh, having read the rest, I can see why you are feeling ambivalent about the party.

Never mind. You will look fab and surely there will be a true friend or two you can commune with while munching the catered canapés.

I love this Lisa. And I think it's the kind of thing you'll end up getting lots of wear out of, as an easy, dressy, don't have to think about set (esp when warmer and you don't need a topper, or for a winter party). Finding things in your colour palette isn't easy, so for that alone I'd be tempted to keep (I have a friend who really struggles with dressier things to wear in the the warmer palette). I like it with the bomber - as others said, it's fabulous!

And I totally get your thoughts on the event. If I may... WTF!?

The star here is the silky floral bomber! If you haven't been wearing it because you don't have good completer pieces, this Mango set may fit the bill. That said, if I haven't cut the tags and I'm already feeling hesitant or negative about a new piece, that means it needs to go back! It's a shame the teen had to go and make remarks; my DH has inadvertently "ruined" a few pieces for me that way.

I’m not reading the other comments yet — I’ll go back — I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this on you with both light toppers and the light shoes. Wow. I think I’m astounded to see how beautiful brown can be on someone with the right coloring for it because it’s a big no for me. I’m thinking of so many potential color combos for this set. And it looks great without a topper, too. Do post a photo before you head out the door to your event, please.

Late to the discussion, but the set reminds me of Issey Miyake pieces -timeless yet slightly avant garde. It’s looks great on you, and the bomber is the perfect topper. That said, if you don’t love it, send it back.

The details about the event are influencing the whole outfit buying/trying/wearing process. Just take a bit of time and distance yourself mentally from all the "white noise" surrounding the engagement party.

I'm late to this discussion, but I just want to add that this outfit with the bomber Wow'd me. And I am not Wow'd easily! I agree with getting distance from this event mentally and consider the pieces for the future as well. That is one terrific outfit.

First off, I love that suit alone, and with the bomber! You look like a million bucks! I’m really digging the Issey Miyake vibes. I think the blazer is okay, but it’s reading kind of “corporate” to me. The bomber has swagger, and the set feels authentically you.

Setting aside all of the nonsense about this event… I think you should only keep this outfit if you feel a happy little thrill when you put it on and see the stone cold fox looking back at you in the mirror.

If there is time in the returns window, maybe let it sit for a couple of days.

The event itself… WOW. Holy . It’s not the house or the landscaping fund that’s the red flag: it’s that they’re dictating the colors their guests are wearing! These seem like some high-maintenance people. For my part, I would plead a migraine.

If you can’t politely bow out, then take charge of where you are in this situation. I say wear something bold and audacious, with some swagger. Make a reasonable gift to the landscaping fund. And make some plans for an after-event treat for yourself - maybe a late nightcap somewhere fun, or a bubble bath when you get home. Treat yourself.

What Mary Beth wrote…

…and yes, people still wear pashminas. I wore mine during my UK travels, and I saw other folks (women and men) wearing similar. To me a pashmina or proper scarf makes more sense then the Instagram trend of wrapping a sweater around your neck!

FWIW, the coat I got from Mango was shipped from Spain. Made in Morocco, fabric from Italy. Makes more sense to me than items sold in Canada that are made in China.

Thank you all - I've calmed down somewhat , lol. I am keeping the outfit for two reasons: it fits, I think it could be surprisingly useful, and it pushes my boundaries in dressing. It's not expensive, and won't require a tailor for hemming (raw hems ftw!) . I have the shoes and bag, ,lots of good jewellery to choose from, and I'm taking the bomber as an over-the-shoulder piece if it gets really chilly at night . Plus I'm bringing a nice bottle of champagne as a gift

Good shout Lisa - enjoy it! (the outfit and the champagne ha!)

Yay! I really liked it on you.

Glad to hear you are feeling more sorted about both outfit and event, Lisa. I hope you will get tons of enjoyment from it - and yay to wearing the bomber more. (Plus, why the heck not just throw it over jeans and a white t shirt just because it makes you happy? It sounds to me like the embodiment of easy, elegant but casual style. )

Lol Carol - I don’t even own a white tshirt . And that would NOT make me happy

Late here…yikes to the party! WTH?? But I’m a fan of the outfit and glad you’re keeping it.

Me impressed !

LOL -- ok -- I just mean if that bomber makes you happy, maybe giving yourself permission to "throw it on" a bit more would also make you happy. Or not., in which case the current save for special strategy remains the perfect way for you to enjoy it

It's such a lovely piece and looks so good on you.

I'm late to this post and I'm glad you decided to keep it. I think it looks amazing on you, just missing some accessories...

Obviously late to this thread, and I didn’t take the time to read what you or anyone else wrote, I skipped to the fun part! I love this! You look amazing! Great color, great look and great combo!

Yes, I think this was a kind of serendipity.
The party “requirements” are ridiculous ( and rude) and put people at risk of overspending for it, or wearing whatever, maybe being snubbed ( so what, but still).

But in this case you found something that is actually ” you”, and wearable in your real life. Win- win!

Glad it feels right to keep it. Looks great on you, gives your bomber a raison d’être and you get to experience the pay. off of your outfit creation time.

I do get how easily one can at times feel too ‘visibly’ fashion focused for current conditions or one’s own mood. It’s been a prolonged transitional time here, full of re-assessments and some competing priority lists. Stepping off my merry go round can be compelling at times…