1 WIW a few days ago to work at home and then run errands. Basic but the jacket provided some fun.

2-3 WIW Friday for a lunch meeting (arts organization) and work in studio on an unseasonably warm day

4-8 WIW yesterday to work at home and ended up going out to grab a casual dinner out because I didn’t feel like cooking. My belts have been neglected so I tried a semi-tuck for the first time in a while. Also trying to show my haircut and color in better light, not blown out straight. More on that later.

9-12 WIW today. Snowing now so I’m glad I wore the Sorels! New necklace from Anthro. Again, trying to show the color in my hair in some of the photos.

Ok, here’s my hair question. I love it styled straight, but I’m not going to attempt that every day. I can’t get it as straight and sleek as my stylist does, and I don’t like to use so much heat styling on my hair.

I struggle with it on wavy days though when I’m not blow drying it much. I generally dry the crown and bangs a bit and let the rest go wavy. It has a mind of its own and never looks the same twice. It drives me nuts.

The issue is mainly that I feel like the style loses some edge when I wear it wavy. I feel like perhaps there is some styling technique or product I need to be using. It tends to frizz, but I am very sparing with product because I want the effect to be a bit piecy but not greasy.

Any suggestions from hair-savvy Fabbers?

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