Gorgeous all around. I like your hair both wavy and straight. That is such a great cut, especially love the bangs.

You (and Brooklyn) almost make me want to try moody florals. I especially like your jacket. Your style has a bit of an edge that the florals soften. I like the contrast between the two a lot.

No suggestions re taming the hair. I have given up and just go with the wave so to speak. But I totally get the frustration.

Nice outfits! You look fabulous in the teal color.

I agree that the straight hair has more edge. I agree with Runcarla that wavy and curly hair simply don't seem as edgy, no matter what (maybe that is because I have wavy hair and feel this way). I don't have any great suggestions. Maybe look for some straight-hair serum-type products (I had one from Intelligent Nutrients, but I think you are supposed to blow dry with it)? You could also perhaps try setting your hair in very large rollers, which I think has the same effect as straightening the hair. Some people with very curly ethnic hair who don't want to use heat to straighten do this, I believe.

I LOVE the wave- it looks fresh and punk and free and it’s gorgeous!!

I love the floral jacket and teal sweater on you. Your hair looks beautiful wavy. It isn’t as edgy as when it is straight, but I like how the softness of the waves frame your face. Either way, you look gorgeous!

Nice looks! My favorites are #2 and the teal poncho/vest/whatever it is.

The grass is always greener on the other side. My hair is straight and I always wished it was wavy/curly. Although we have different textures, to get mine "piecy", instead of sleek, I use styling wax. I put a small amount - like the size of a pea, rub my hand together really fast to warm it up and then scrunch the top and ends a bit. I don't know if it will have a similar effect on your hair or not, but it's a suggestion for piecy.

It looks marvelous both ways. Nice to have it versatile. Great outfit too.

All the outfits look so good on you, I can't pick a favorite. Well done!

As far as the hair goes, have you tried any Bumble and Bumble products? I'm not sure what you would need - maybe ask at a BB salon but I love their stuff. Have you thought about having it straightened? I'm just the opposite of you - I have stick straight hair but get perms. Yep, still rockin' my perm.

BTW, I think your hair looks great both ways.

Suzanimal, I had a Brazilian straightening treatment once about five years ago, and really liked the results -- I did it right before vacationing in Hawaii, and it was such a treat to not have a giant frizz ball on my head the whole time, like I normally do in such humidity!

I would consider doing it again, but I'm really trying to work with my natural texture without more processing. I have hit the age where my hair has started thinning, and I really don't want to make it worse, since I already color it.

I do have some B&B products and I like them!

I've had some luck recently with the Kristin Ess line from Target. In particular, this beach wave spray might work for you. The one below, in the dark can, is designed to go on dry hair that already has some texture to create that more piecey look. Her air dry sea salt product for wet hair (comes in a lighter can) makes mine SUPER curly, so that one definitely isn't what you want.


As far as the processing/hair loss goes, I'm in the same boat. I haven't had a perm since last summer because my hair got in bad shape. I still have some perm on the ends and have been faithfully doing oil treatments and taking hair vitamins and just made a perm appointment for next month. I think the vitamins are really helping. I buy the CVS brand hair/skin/nails.

BTW, I tried one of those homemade hair masks off the internet - it had bananas, honey, and olive oil. I had an overripe banana and figured I'd give it a shot. What a mess. I left a trail of banana chunks all through the house.

I'm in awe of how well your hair coordinates with your wardrobe. And I love that necklace.

I can't be of any help re: hair products, as mine is the opposite (stick-straight in its natural state, only textured/wavy with lots of encouragement).

Outfits are great - love the colors! On the hair front, I also have quite wavy hair and bangs (growing them longer now with just a very small shorter fringe) and humidity is always more of a challenge but sometimes I just embrace it and go curlier those days. The shorter the hair, the curlier/wavier it seems to be - thus I've decided to grow mine out more.

I use Giovanni shampoo and conditioners and never brush or even comb my hair wet very much at all. I have a very wide tooth comb that I use just to slightly comb through after washing. Then I rub a small amount of jojoba oil in my palms and smooth it down my wet hair gently, using my fingers on the bangs at the end just to coat them ever so slightly. I don't towel dry it, except to "blot" it and squeeze it gently to get some of the moisture out. I almost always go to bed with damp hair after washing because I don't use a blow dryer.

The next morning I use a large curling iron 1.5 inch to smooth the waves a little. Then I typically do another very light treatment of the jojoba oil rubbed first in my hands then applied (like one or two drops max). For me, this slight oil coating stops most frizz without creating any weird residue and my hair is in better shape since I started using it.

I also recently purchased a nice boar bristle/nylon combo brush and have been doing brushing techniques - starting at the bottom first to be sure there are no tangles and then spending at least a few mins. brushing each day to distribute the natural oils. I like how it adds volume to my hair too!