You look wonderful. Your commitment to your color palette pays off. I don't know if I told you I like your new hair yet, but I do

KILLER to the Power of KILLER x2. The silver is SUBLIME with your hair. Pretty textures too.

You have NEVER looked better, sweet Suz. The West Coast agrees with you. Stay

Awww! Thanks, Angie. The west coast does agree with me!! Having fun so far! It was an awfully tough year last year and I am feeling much better for being here.

Elizabeth, can't wait to see your version!!

I am happy to report that the outfits worked brilliantly. I was warm and cozy on the way home in my turtleneck and scarf.

Christina, yes, a commitment to a colour palette makes everything cohesive.

Staysfit, thank you. I also struggled to embrace grey at first because Kingston is such a grey town and grey can bring me down. (Vancouver as we all know can also be extremely grey!) I have found that I prefer very light greys and dark charcoals to the mid-toned ones, although in fact I use them all. And brightening with a lot of silver metallics makes it seem much happier to me somehow. I love your idea of associating the colour with natural features you love. I do find that brightening it with some colour is really helpful.

I also like blush and thought I might add a blush complement. Joy does blush so well!! But so far, this is eluding me. Many blush tones are too peachy for me. I need a cool pink, really.

Adding to the chorus of praise for these gorgeous looks. Wow!

And whine: scarf is sold out.

Suz, bless your heart. I can't think of anyone more deserving of a better year than you. Milk it!

Thanks - couldn't quite tell as the link in the find doesn't work

must have missed this post earlier....both outfits are great, but #1 is awesome!

Your gray sweater is fabulous and I think is destined to be a work horse. You look amazing in the black turtle neck and leopard scarf, but Suz.....the silver tee! Exquisite with your hair!