It's to die for! Really gorgeous. Love the colors you chose to go with it.

The skirt is spectacular! The pleating, shape, color...What is the material? It will look amazing with tall boots too, as you move into fall and winter. I really like the semi-side tuck and the belt looks like it was made to complement the skirt. If you're thinking about other tucking options, what about doing the tuck on the other side, so it sort of balances out the slit and detail of the skirt? I think your color gradations are extremely successful--so much visual interest while staying low-contrast.

The skirt is simply amazing, and absolutely gorgeous on you. Wow. The different shades of brown work beautifully together. This outfit hits it out of the park!

This is lovely! The skirt and the styling. So elegant and special.

I like the side tuck here.

The skirt will be good with burgundies too I suspect!

Now that is a killer skirt. Wow, not all designer pieces live up to their reputation but this one certainly does. Or perhaps it is just the beautiful model and expert styling ! Yes, I think it has a lot to do with that!

Wow! So stunning! Everything about this is perfection! Great find!

Thanks everyone!

The skirt find was very lucky. I’d actually never heard of Brunello Cucinelli until I was drawn to a fashion editorial (I think it was from Saks) featuring some of their skirts. (Lots of tulle done in a kind of a dark, edgy way.) So I looked up the brand and then laughed at the prices. But then while browsing midi skirts on YOOX (a bad habit), this one appeared at a knock down price. It may be that evil site cross tracking worked in my favour.

Jonesy, definitely with tall boots. That’s an interesting idea about the belt. I will try that. The skirt is polyester, which surprised me given the (original) price. Hopefully that means it will be robust, because it does feel very sheer and a bit delicate.

CG, yes to Fortuny. It also made me think of Marilyn Monroe’s gold pleated dress from Gentleman Prefer Blondes. The bottom half anyway

Janet, that’s great. Nothing better than eating outside, especially now. We are lucky with our mild weather.

Suntiger. We really like the same colours! Do you mean this sort of colour? It’s been around a bit here last summer. (A good thing for us!)

Slimcat, it has wonderful movement. I actually tried to take a photo of that on the night, but this was the best I could do. I love a bit of swish in my skirts.

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Lisa, I liked the shoes because they are a little reminiscent of Chloe. Although the Chloe sandals they reminded me of look much higher. I am a wee bit obsessed with Chloe.

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Cat2, I do wear teal. Love it! And I will try it with that.

Sally, definitely with burgundy. I’m also thinking mustard. And brown boots for a more 70s look.

Angie, thank you! And thanks for the outfit formula

And thanks for the vote of confidence Amiable, Shevia, Xtabay, Echo, Kate, Elle, Ginkgo, Catherine, JAileen, Nikki, Liesbeth, KG, Lyn67, Nemosmom, Irina, Rachy, Star and the lovely MJ.

Gorgeous!! The skirt is spectacular. Is it a kind of bronze? It looks like the kind of skirt you should go collect your academy award in.

I also love the shoes. I had a pair like that (sort of) about 12 or 14 years ago -- alas, I could not get them to stay on my foot. They looked pretty cool, though...

Ha ha, thanks Suz. Yes, it is a bronze. It’s not metallic but it has a nice sheen to it.

I’m liking platform shoes as an alternative to heels. I’m really hoping we see more and better low or no heel options from shoe retailers.

Oh you are beautiful in this love it all

Just wow, as always. Your outfits make it clear that having intention and plans for shopping really works. I take a more scattershot approach and then wish for more cohesion....

Looks truly fabulous. Love the skirt of course but also love the belt matching the shoes!!!

Wow this is gorgeous! Love it as is!

I always look forward to your style posts! And wow, did you ever hit it out of the park with these looks! I’m not seeing any fashion failures here, only victories.

The cardigan over the skirt looks so incredibly color-rich. #sigh #outfitwardobegoals

Wow, gorgeous. I love how you have paired it with that fabulous belt.
Cheers to brown.

Thanks Smittie and hi! It’s nice to have brown back. And you too!

Jessikams, thanks. To be fair, the skirt was an emotion led purchase. But I am trying to limit the number of those that I make. Otherwise I end up with a closet full of beautiful things that I barely wear. I definitely feel like I had a breakthrough with summer by being more planned in my approach, and I am trying to build on that learning for Autumn/Winter.

And thanks Ledonna, Helena, fin42, RobinF and Mary Beth.

Wow - this is spectacular on you. The fabric almost has an ombre effect as the different folds catch the light, it looks gorgeous on you.

I love everything about this! You look amazing!!

Honestly. You are such a savvy shopper, transforming what you do have and then picking up the most spectacular pieces to add to it. You look just stunning here. That skirt is EVERYTHING.

Thanks Roxanna. You are a pretty savvy shopper yourself. I wish I had the gift of the thrift like you. If I ever visit Canada I demand that you take me shopping.

Bijou, thanks. You are right. The pleats give a shimmery, almost ombré effect. And you know how I love the ombré

And thanks Theresa!

Such a beautiful skirt. It looks soft but also architectural.

Brooklyn - Wow!! TDF stunning!! Love the belt and how you styled it. Skirt is so amazing I would have preferred a very cropped topper but still looks a great. What an awesome find. I've seen the brand but too spendy to consider. What a great and lucky piece!! Enjoy it!!

Late to the party. Will have to party lying down, because I’m just Plonked!
Grecian goddess beautifulnesss.
Best statement skirt ever, both because of the architectural wonder of it, perfect fit, and the understated color.
I’ve never bought anything on Yoox but have been interested ever since reading The Directrice blog. But still think I lack the skills and instincts for finding the right pieces.
This is great inspiration too, for my goal of more tonal dressing, which I love, but trying to include interesting differences and details, with the added challenge of staying within my non- imaginary and more casual lifestyle.

I can't do an ivory off-white either, so my go-to light neutral as a Deep Autumn tends to be more of a pale yellowish cream (not quite pale lemon yellow but not quite ecru either, if that makes sense?) And you know I love colour lol, so your usual burnt orange & deep teal would look nice with this, but have you also considered a rich aubergine purple? That could act as a good pseudo-neutral bridging piece for you to then add a dusky pink or lavender accessory/ topper to the look.

That said, the skirt itself is lovely & fits you well. What didn't you like about the full tuck, if I may ask? I notice the waistband is quite wide, so the usual tuck might not work - could a 'military tuck' work instead? https://www.realmenrealstyle.c.....our-shirt/ Just if you want to revisit it of course - no pressure

Thanks Zaeobi. Yes, I would definitely wear aubergine with the skirt. I could see all the berry colours working with dusky pink. I tend to resist a full tuck because it feels a bit formal to me. Like I’m going to the office. I do think it’s a more flattering look with a midi skirt but sometimes it’s not the right vibe for me.

UF, I’ve had a lot of success with YOOX, but it’s hit and miss because they don’t give much item information. And they have so much stuff with only a few sizes left. Thanks for the “plonk” comment

And thanks Gryffin and Joy.

The skirt is stunning! I loved your comment "please-just-take-it sale items".. how could you not. This would have to be a forever item. So unique and just so beautiful.