So, like Viva, I am in search of new snow boots. My beloved Kamik Brooklyns were just too small in one size and too big in the next size up -- I had to let them go to a new home. They were not the most stylish boots on the block and they didn't have great treads, so were not ideal on ice, but they were lightweight and rated to -40C !!! That's one seriously warm boot!

Anyway, you don't want to know the number of styles I have tried on and sent back. Either the fit was wrong, or the style, or both. Sorels are an absolute no-go on me -- they just don't fit me properly, or at least the snow boots don't. The Tivoli comes closest and it doesn't quite work, plus it isn't super warm so probably not best for my climate anyway.

I have had Baffins and Santanas and Kamiks and Merrells and Columbias and Pajars and heaven only knows how many brands on my feet.

Last week I ordered a few new options to try -- in Finds below. Well, lo and behold, any of them might actually do! All have some pluses and minuses, but all fit quite well, feel comfortable, and work with my slate grey puffer coat. They will also work with the new short puffer I have ordered on super sale as my "fun" winter jacket.

At the moment, I'm most inclined to keep the Ugg Adirondack. It is the most expensive (though all were on sale when I purchased, so the price is more reasonable than it often is.) It is also beautifully made and the fit seems best for me. The only notable downside I can see is that it is a bit harder to get on and off -- but on my foot/ calf not noticeably harder than the Timberland. A zippered boot (like the Santana) is of course easier to get on and off -- but water can come in the zip.

If you have experience of these boots, do you think they are warm enough for my climate? They are rated to -20C. We get days colder than that at times, though not many as a rule. I wear my boots for shovelling snow and such, but mostly for walking. And I walk miles at a time so I need real comfort. I do have a short hiking snow boot that I wear for snowshoeing and other types of outdoor sport activities. But in town I prefer a taller boot to tuck my jeans into.

Would love to hear from anyone who has purchased them, pluses and minuses!

Thank you!!