In this post, I identified items I had ordered or was planning to buy:
I had ordered 3 cardis & 2 blouses, expected to return 1 cardi. Instead, I kept only this blouse. One of the cardis arrived and was odd fabric, so went back. The other two never found their way to me and were returned to sender--twice. I like the looks of them both, but have since realized that I already have a pink cardi that is fairly short. I tried to order the other long cardi recently, but they are sold out. That's fine with me. I am really not into shopping right now.

The are several items I identified as very tempting, but I haven't ordered any of them. The COS top is on sale for a very reasonable price, but I can't bring myself to order it. I also returned a pair of ASOS pants that I'd worn once for a couple of hours, because that time and any other time I reached for them, it felt like that was what I got for being fat--cheap, thin fabric. Even though the print and cut were just right and I really hope to find some just like them in good quality when I'm a smaller size this fall, I don't regret sending them back at all. 

What I have gotten are couches and cabinets and chairs, oh my! Lots of other stuff for the apartment too. 

When we have a full-length mirror, I plan to post about a full midi skirt I'm trying to make work and a dress I've been happy to "rediscover" in my wardrobe now that spring is approaching. 

ETA: the cape! I forgot about the cape I got on a whim at a weekend market. So that's two, two items so far this year, ahhahah