Notes to myself, to look at as fall approaches. Can't remember who it was that posted her end of season observations, but want to say thanks for such a helpful idea.

This has been my first "real" fall and winter since 2009, and I've made quite a few purchases--jeans, red, black, and green solid + plaid pants, 1 white T-neck, 1 ls paisley blouse, 1 navy sweater dress, 1 tweedy cardigan, 1 skirt from White Stuff, 1 pullover sweater, 1 white top, 2 blazers, 1 scarf, 1 cape, blue pumps and red boots. I also got 2 pr of sandals in August. 20 purchases in 6 months. If I've missed any, please remind me.

The 3 cardis & 2 blouses from Zalando in finds here are on the way to me. I expect to be keeping one long cardi and sending the other back.

Beyond that, I think I'm done for this season. (Looking at the slow-shop challenge, these take me past March anyway). But if the COS ls top goes on sale, I'll pick it up too. Ditto these shoes, if they go down to -60%  and this sweater, if it hits 50% Oh, who am I kidding? The Hobbs dresses, the paisley pants--there are all kinds of things in my finds I'll get if the prices drop enough.

For next winter, I want to get good watch plaid pants in a winter weight (assuming I'm too small for these), one or two other pairs of pants (Glen plaid or houndstooth and/or winter white or very pale pink) for this collection, and a pair of winter shoes (unless I've gotten the M-Hs in the link). I'll also need to look at the blazer situation. I think I'll be investigating Berlin clothes makers, cobblers, & second hand stores by then, so am hoping for interesting versions of all of these. I pick up business cards when I see cool things at market stands selling locally made products, and will use the Berlin Fashion Week site to find boutiques. I'd love to get a short wool coat in a slightly flirty cut and a bright berry color, like the Halogen or Kate Spade, but won't need it as much because I'll have my bright blue parka. I've seen and am tempted by velvet puffers too...

What I *don't* need more of, though I'll be tempted, are long johns (thermals), undershirts, or warm underlayer bodysuits. I have more than enough of all those things. The only reasons I should get tights are interesting pattern or texture. I have enough pjs (loungewear) too. Socks are marginal. Patterns in dark or berry shades would be ok, but aren't crucial.

Things to pick up from storage when we're back in the states for this collection: black plaid skirt, mulberry cord skirt, tall brown boots. I also want to pick up 3 pr of business pants, to wear in the fall, & my black combat boots & black Clark’s from storage.

The only item I got in my beloved bright indigo/periwinkle blue this year is my cape. I may add a couple pieces in that color this fall, as well as a turquoise top to go with my cord skirt.

Note: possibility for the boy--sweater on the outside, fleece on the inside.

Additionally, I need new tights—burgundy/berry and possibly brown to go with sweater dress and brown skirt.
Also, a blazer might be a better idea than (or in addition to?) the long, somewhat fitted cardi.
For shoes, I must remember to keep them flat, no heels!