I had already planned to try posting here when I came across Angie's article "When to Conceal and When to Expose" from June 2011, talking about people's beliefs about certain part of their bodies -- either comfortable in exposing them or only comfortable when keeping them covered. She felt that each person should listen to their internal voice and act accordingly so that they would feel as confident as possible, but that they should also question their beliefs and work towards greater self-acceptance and freedom in their body (and boy is it difficult to summarize one of Angie's articles -- there's just so much there!)

I can't remember the last time I wore a sleeveless garment in public. I have always covered a sleeveless top with a cardi of some kind, and this has become automatic. I find other people's upper arms quite pleasant to look at, no matter what size they may be. I do feel jealous of their freedom.

Recently, however, I had a minor epiphany: my upper arms are only going to get worse as I age, so I'd better enjoy them now if I can. Plus I keep seeing these gorgeous sleeveless tops that I would like to be able to wear. Outside the fitting room. Without a cardigan.

So I think I'm on the brink, in that I want to change but am still hesitating. Can I ask for the help of the forum community? It's pretty scary,mostly because the photos are so ugly and that's not what I'd like to share with you. (My seven-year-old daughter was the photographer, though, and I think she did a great job )

I have already noticed a few things. One, I would look better if I stood up straight. Two, I am wearing the wrong size top (see Finds below). It is designed to show the whole top of the shoulder, which is much more attractive. I now feel that I am swimming in this top! Not fab.

But back to the real question: am I ready to bring my arms and shoulders out into the open, as it gets warmer? Is anyone else in this predicament? What do the voices of experience have to say?

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