Uh...I think you have good arms and I actually like this top True, I don't know your shape under it or how long it is and all that, but I like it and I like you in it!

Look at you in Pic #2! Muscle definition!!! Of COURSE you can wear sleeveless! So in my crystal ball I predict that soon you will be lamenting about the many manufacturers who cut the armholes so large that you can see half your bra and from one armhole to the other as you lean over.

Before Angie, I, too, avoided wearing sleeveless items for years. Now I run so cold (had warm flashes vs. hot flashes) that they're generally not warm enough for me. Then, I finally figured out that I could always pop a jacket on top, especially the ones that are tight on my heavy arms. Doh!

And I'm hoping that the upper arms don't ONLY get worse! Last October I started to lift free weights in the hopes of getting Michele Obama arms. That may never happen, but I'm stronger and will look better if I'm ever held up, as that is the only time where you can see any muscle definition.

Brin, I'm chiming in again to second Ann's suggestion to try the Banana Republic top. I tried it on yesterday and it's a lovely fit: not too deep cut under the arms so no bra on show, and not too low cut in front.

You have lovely smooth arms Brin! Wear sleeveless tops and dresses and enjoy. I love what Runcarla said... "use the space in your brain for other thoughts (good ones, please!)"...wise words

Gosh, your arms are lovely. I would definitely show them off! Mine are showing their age but I have been lifting weights and they are getting more toned so I might even try sleeveless this year!

I totally can relate, I hate my upper arms- but found that a diagonal sleeve is doing me more favors than any other short sleeve type (+ some skin showing in the neckline is a must, so now I love cowl necks, V's and lower round necklines, too). My profile pictie is one of the rare sleeveless (it has a cowl neck) dresses I love:-).

We are all self conscious about something, but frankly, I never got the arm issue. They are just arms! It's not like showing major cleavage or leggings with no coverage...it just doesn't seem that body con to me to show arms. Are we worried sleeveless is just too risqué or are we just worried we aren't perfect enough?

I'm wondering when this all started. Personally I don't remember a single reference to arms before the first Terminator movie when everyone went bonkers over "Sarah Connor's" (can't remember the actress!) mega-muscles. After that this major obsession with being "toned" took over...before that I don't even remember arms being part of any body discussion, and I think I'm old enough to remember that if they were. I was in my 20s when that movie came out, and before that I never gave one thought to arms...mine or anyone else's... as a plenty self conscious and body critical teenager. Does anyone else remember?

Anyway, when temps hit the 90s and humid, I really don't care what any random person thinks about my arms. Sleeveless all the way. If someone think's I'm being too sexy, well that's just funny. If someone thinks I'm not perfect enough they can just look away.

Be free! I think you'll love sleeveless tops. I am self-conscious about my larger arms, but I find sleeveless far more flattering than short sleeves! I do favor a scoop or v-neck, when I can find it, and I like a certain fit about the arm hole. I also wear my sleeveless tops under jackets and cardis all year long -- which makes them earn their keep!

I have the same top as Dashielle, in another colorway.

What they all said. Your arms are FINE!

Thank you all so much -- I think I'm going to challenge myself to go sleeveless at least two days a week to start and build from there (there's definitely some shopping that will need to be done first though...!) I love that top from Banana Republic, Dashielle and Beth Ann, and hope I'll be able to track it down. My current strategy (though not always successful) is to wear solid-coloured trousers with a print or bright colour on top, so that top would be perfect...

Well, I hope you all can tell that you have inspired and liberated me -- the incredible power of community! I will try before too long to post a few pictures of my adventures in sleeveless...and thank you again!

You have perfectly great arms! Wish I had your not-problem!
You should find "your" sleeveless tops. I'm not sold on this one. Cut and color make a difference in all tops. But your arms are not a problem.

Late to the party. Just have to echo the others. Wear sleeveless with pride. Your arms look great So sweet of your DD to take the pics