I already knew (at least in my opinion) that boat necks and slash neck cuts were flattering for me so I went ahead and bought a lovely looking top (the one in my finds). It didn't look good on me and made me look frumpy. I bought it a while ago so i'm not so hurt about it now. I wondered why other tops looked good and this one didn't and since I'd been rearing up on body type and sleeves it hit me! It was making my shoulders look even wider. I decided to experiment a little and make the top look like it was sleeveless by tucking it in. There is a little extra bulk there, which wouldn't be there if it were cut like that so I had to use my imagination a little. Instant improvement in my opinion, what do you think?

In future I know to avoid that type of sleeve as it does nothing for me. At least it wasn't the neckline which I had thought perhaps I was mistaken about.

Some of these things seem so obvious after you've read a little bit more about them but previously it was so hard to discern.

ETA: Please excuse the skirt, its the only one I have, not sure if its particularly flattering or not. I'm looking to buy a few as replacements but need to discover what would look good on me first. I was hoping an A-line sort of 60s mod style would look good but I want it to hit just above the knee and its hard to find one with enough length for my tall body (I don't it to be too short)

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