These are the other ones I found in other shops but definitely will be too short I think I need them to be around 54cm long to feel comfortable. Also my bum is a little bit of a problem. Its rather curvy so I wonder if that style would suit me. I went for the pleated drapey one to hide my hips and bum.

Also, I rather like this body but it is for regular sizes and would be too short, do you think if I got a size up it would work? I get regular size swimsuits in bigger sizes, same with tights (pantyhose) but maybe they are stretchier. If anyone knows if it would work, how many sizes up would you recommend, just the one or two?

(Sorry I'm asking so many questions!)

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I love the first skirt, that is my preferred style, but longer.

Hmm, you seem sort of stuck. Can you put together a Pinterest of looks and specific pieces you like and then start figuring out common threads from there? That may also lead you to retailers. I think in Japan there is a tendency to make things cute that may not resonate with you given your style goals, and finding retailers with sophisticated pieces and longer cuts will be important.

Totally agree with Phoebe, but it's always helpful when you figure out something that makes it look and feel better to your own eye - which is ultimately the only one that matters!

N, random quick thought, what about working remotely with a sales associate with one of the department stores in Tokyo that stocks a lot of European labels? I know there is at least one store comparable to Harrods. They may be able to make suggestions and order additional sizes for you instead of you having to deal with the logistics.

I already asked a few places if they order pieces but they don't unfortunately, only in the most common Japanese sizes. They do have a Theory that sells tall sizes in Tokyo for sure but I live in a city 6 hours drive north of Tokyo. I do normally regularly go to Tokyo but haven't been since before the pandemic started because the numbers are much much higher there and I prefer to limit non essential travel.

Also the other reason I tend to order from overseas is the Japanese prices for everything is so so much more expensive even when you add in delivery and import tax, especially designer brands.

I think what i'll do is perhaps go to uniqlo just to try on some styles. I won't buy from there because I don't like their ethics and the fit won't be right but it woukd be useful to see how I look in certain cuts and necklines. I'm also going to borrow a few of my husband's tops to see how they look haha.

Is local tailoring expensive? If you find one skirt you like, could you use it as a base to have others made in other lengths, trims and fabrics? At one point my favorite top was discontinued and I had a pattern made from it and additional tops made as I needed them. That let me control the fabric choice, which I think is a piece of being vegan?