This is so very very interesting! I thank you all so much for your considered thoughts.

Marilyn, aren't we the same height? I think we might be...

Windchime, glad you like the stylings.

Isabel, the first one is the one the SA sold me on.

Caro, there is (almost) no such thing as a cross seasonal skirt for my climate. Our highs are too high (and let's face it, Beijing will be a lot hotter than that!) and our lows are too low. The only things that really cross seasons for me are a few jeans, but I don't really wear jeans in summer. Because they are too hot. Anyway -- just to say -- it is perfectly normal and reasonable in my climate to have a summer only skirt or dress. Summer is at least 3 months and maybe 4.

Peri, you said this: "And on top of that, I don't see it as being that different from "you". I think it looks very much like you...pretty, feminine, easy, casual and classy."

First of all, thank you. And secondly, this is exactly what I think, too. It doesn't feel like a style stretch at all to me when I put it on -- the only thing that is different is the asymmetry, and I love asymmetry! So interesting, though, to hear others' perceptions.

Tina, Thistle, Vicki -- thank you. And thanks, Unfrumped and Smittie, too -- you raise an important point -- there might be another, better version out there. Hmmm.

Gaylene, I like your approach. I won't go by consensus, no -- but I do value all your opinions because sometimes we don't see ourselves all that clearly. Also, this is on the pricey side for my new budget. I can afford it, but it's at the edge of guilt inducing, if you know what I mean. Unless I wore it a lot, I might feel silly for having bought it. The Halogen striped full skirt that Sveta mentioned is an excellent counter example. I only paid $45 for that. So the fact that I have worn it a grand total of 4 times is perfectly okay with me. I love that I have it in my closet and love that I *could* wear it if the right occasion came up. I do not feel I wasted my money in the least. But paying closer to $200 for a similar type of item seems a bit on the risky side.

Susie, how I feel is the most important criterion, too. And I feel great in the skirt. Which still doesn't mean I'd wear it enough. Sigh....

Diana, I saw that skirt, too -- but it's a solid, and almost $100 more, and I don't really like high low front/ back hems that much for some reason, except in maxis. Alas.

Suz.....I'm only 5'. A few more inches would make SUCH a difference when shopping. But, we must work with what we've got, right.

Suz- I love it. I think it will be a versatile summer piece. It goes well with the items you have and will be a great travel piece. I think it does fit your style and qualifies as a wildcard piece to me.
I hope you keep!

OK, I'm rather short on forum time lately, so I only skimmed the other responses, but I saw enough to realize there is some debate.

I kind of like it, actually, and suspect it's one of those things (like my HL dress) that perhaps doesn't hold the appeal in photos that it does IRL. I think longer (midi and maxi) skirts in particular can be problematic in photos, especially when it's a floaty, light fabric and we can't see the movement in a static photograph.

I am not crazy about tops tucked fully into it -- they do seem to make your torso look quite short. But I am sensitive to that proportion issue because it is my concern with tucking tops into skirts. I'm also not really keen on #6 but I'm not much of a pattern mixer. However I think it looks amazing with the raspberry top and with the taupe top and the denim jacket. I think a semi-tuck is worth trying if the top has a blousy feel. I also think a fitted untucked top could look really nice with this.

Here's the thing. You don't need committee approval if you and your hubs love the skirt. Keep it for a few days and see if you decide you want to wear it. If you do, then I say it's a keeper. I understand looking for feedback -- after all, I obviously do it too! -- but I'm glad I didn't let some opposing opinions hold me back from the HL dress or the Skirted Leggings of Controversy.

So now I'm feeling guilty that I chimed in. Here's the thing - I am in a super picky phase and I returning anything at all which doesn't feel like All That to me. I am always swinging between the poles of "eh, good enough" and "must be smitten". And of course only you can decide what you want.

Okay, I'm not smitten with it on you, but who cares? You, Suz, catch your wardrobe fish with such a fine net that there is no doubt about fit and styling. The only remaining questions are subjective ones only you can answer. So I revoke my opinion and say follow your heart.

OK, I was downtown this pm and popped into Club Monaco to check out the skirt. If anything, it looks better in real life than in a photograph. The store had it on a mannequin paired with a top in in deep burgundy. The fabric is light and floaty so I can understand your feeling it would be mainly a summer item, but, paired with the deeper color, I could also see it working for warm evenings in fall. The elastic waist and lightness, though, make it perfect for hot weather.

At that price, though, I do understand your hesitation. For me, the pros would be (1) the utility of having a no-brainer, summer skirt for casual dressing up, (2) the asymmetrical cut and style, and (3) the ease of packing. The cons would be exactly the ones you've articulated--the price and how often I'd actually reach for the skirt. It definitely falls more into the statement realm than the essential category, in my opinion. I think if you can figure at least a dozen times in the next few years when you'd wear the skirt, then go for it. If you are hard pressed to think of more than one or two times--or if you doubt that you'd pack the skirt in your suitcase--then I'd consider returning it.

I am astounded at how interesting this skirt has become through the comments. Well since I only skimmed for now, I will say that I agree that if it make you happy (which includes Mr. Suz's feelings) keep. If you were asking me, based on the pictures, I would say return. It is not that it is not your style, I just don't love it in these pictures. In person, I might feel differently.

Really late to the game, but I like the skirt a lot -- in general and on you. My favorite of the looks you've shown are the ones with the simple white tops, the denim jackets, and the berry peplum top.

I guess I can see what people are saying in the sense that, if I saw the skirt randomly in a store, I wouldn't necessarily think of you. On the other hand, I don't think it's a huge departure style-wise and the way you've styled it certainly makes it your own. And it's gorgeous and makes you happy and sounds like it would fill a niche in your wardrobe. So I vote keep unless you're really second-guessing it.

I like all the ways that you have styled this skirt, both tucked and untucked. Sleep on it and trust your instincts as to whether or not to keep it. Would you take this skirt to China? It looks good dressed up and styled casually.

I'm 68 posts late. 'Why wouldn't you wear this skirt?' was my first thought. I like it best with an untucked top of a similarly light material.

On the other hand, I don't love all that bunched fabric at the waistline... But that is the style.

On the third hand, I don't find it that exciting.

On the fourth hand (right, I was clearly radiated somewhere along the way), the side slit provides thrill... I'd go for it if I were you

Beautiful. This is definitely case of looks so much better on you than the model:) Very versatile, dress or down. I love it.

Suz I looked at your pictures and thought what is there to think about? The skirt is so FAB on you. I love it. Then I started to read the comments and I was surprised.

I can see a skirt like that being a workhorse but that is me. The skirt looks great dressed up and dressed down. Perfect. Love it with the jean jacket. Black and ink together is very French. (I think)

I love it in the first pictures with the back split hem tank in black. I like the other looks too except for the one with the Cons because it just feels too sporty for this skirt. This is an elegant piece and I love it with the tank. Let me repeat....

I'm thinking with dressy footwear it could work for an occasion calling for more elegant attire. You've put a lot of effort into figuring out how to style it for casual wear, but I like it as a piece you keep around for when you suddenly need to be more dressed up. I have found it's essential to have things like this in my closet, it reduces stress. I've made peace with the CPW. In fact I just spent a small fortune buying some Rick Owens pieces (jacket and 2 skirts) for just such occasions. I put a lot of value on how I feel during these times so it's worth it to me.

So those are my two bits. (I've got insomnia it's 5:15 am and I'm not sure I'm coming across clearly.) LOL.

Denise, what a good point. I do agree with you about that -- our lives are similar enough that I know exactly what you mean. I guess the trouble here is that I have a few of those pieces for this type of weather, situation -- and I'm wondering if I need to have this as well. Know what I am saying? It's a question of value.

I'm going to make a list of events where I would wear the skirt, potentially, in the next couple of years, as Gaylene suggested. It's not going to date super fast, I suspect, so that is not an issue.

Again, all, I truly appreciate your comments and thoughts -- it has been really helpful to hear the variety of opinions.

Wow, what a great lot of replies !!

Whatever you do will be the right decision !!

Stop analyzing this skirt to death, and cut the darn tags off. It's really cool, and dresses up and down well, and with interest. Just don't wear it with your tops tucked in (And for the record, I am NOT against tops tucked in, I just think they don't work super well with this shape of skirt, on you. But that's only one of many ways to wear it)

And just wanted to point this out to you... $53 at the Bay. Mine arrived yesterday, and I love it.

I haven't been here long enough to know your style Suz, so for me, you're a blank to

I really like the skirt. It looks great on you. I like it every way you have styled it except for the white sneakers (just personal opinion, I don't like sneakers with below knee skirts no matter how gorgeous the skirt or sneaker). The tucked blouses look great, the denim jacket looks great. It's a winner in my book.

I recently bought something quite similar from ASOS. I haven't worn it yet. You have given me some ideas.

I'm going to go back and read the replies now.

I love it and you styled it beautiful! Thus, I understand your hesitation when it comes down to CPW, otherwise, I would keep it for sure!

Seems I'm late to the party, so I'll have to go back and read the comments after I post this. I absolutely die it love the first outfit so much. My word. So cool. My next fav is #8. The skirt seems breezy and certainly reminds me of one I had in the 90s. Boy did I love the 90s. Love the nickel and suede stuff. I admired it on Lisa too. If I had shorter hair I'd pick some of these up, but I really stick to studs every day. This is a great look on you guys.

Hi Suz --

I was too lazy to log in so I read alllll the comments about the Skirt of Controversy before seeing the photos.

My .02 is that you:

  • need a skirt for a super-hot & humid vacation
  • like the way it feels + you have a thumbs-up on the homefront
  • have 3+ outfits, including shoes, that work with it (more on that later)
  • chose something kind of on-trend but timeless, so you can continue to get your CPW down over the next couple of years, minimum, during summer weather/warm-weather trips


I mean, I get it re budget and colors.

My new Diaper Dress was a splurge for something with very limited use (seasonally + maybe casual summer Fridays) but knock wood as long as it fits I know I'll wear it for at least a few years because I know myself. So CPW rationalized. And the new blue/green/etc ($) pencil skirt I bought paired with a million things in my closet, but the same one I bought in black/white blob print really one works (*IMO*) with a few black/white/taupe items. So I debated taking the latter back, but in the end kept it because I don't have many summer neutrals that can go super-casual.

So I vote keep.

I do prefer it with the black tank, the white tank, and the white sleeveless blouse because WOMAN you're gonna be showing a lot of leg when moving and when in the sun and the heavier fabrics up top seem mis-matched.

[Perhaps the jackets etc in early fall/late spring with hose/booties or something, but for summer....]

Elizabeth -- that's it!! I'll get the Jones New York instead.

But I WILL tuck my tops, so there. I like it.

Hang on -- how long is that JNY? And what is the sizing?

I definitely think the price is more in my ballpark and the colours, too.

I'm really late to this thread, but had to weigh in....because I liked the tucked versions. My first thought, before I read any of the comments..I like this skirt but it would be dependent on "how much it cost"....I like it on you very much, but saw that while it would be perfect 10 months of the year for me here in Arizona, I know you are Canadian and that might somewhat limit your use. I think you look great in the skirt, and while I didn't love every iteration, I thought there were enough different ways to wear it that you could get your use out of it IF IT WASN'T EXPENSIVE.... We all have our own definition of expensive...I would spend less that $100 for this skirt here in the states...that decision has to be your life and your budget.

Oops. Spoke to soon. They don't have it on the website any more. Grrr.

I'm really tired of the asymmetrical hemline look in general, but I must say that I think you'll find this skirt useful. Easy to pack, easy to wear--and your husband likes it? Keep it.

Suz, I know you said the skirt is light - but have you checked if it is breathable? The website says it is a poly and in my experience this is not the best fabric for the heat and humid.
I have quite a few "light and floaty" poly tops which I cannot wear in the heat because they make me hot and sweaty - much hotter that my cotton and linen tops which are heavier in weight.
Sorry but you said you do not need it for AC..

I wish YLF had the capability to upload short videos so you could see clothes in motion

I was actually wondering the exact same thing as Sveta... just hadn't had a chance to get back, yet again, to this thread 104 and humidity...I dunno. Might be better for your real life than this trip.

Yeah, I think the skirt will have to go back no matter what. Maybe I should try the EF linen one Diana linked to after all -- it's on sale today.

The skirt is hands down a keeper!