What a beautiful skirt Suz! and I can only imagine how wonderful it is in motion. Here are my thoughts:

- I think the camera angle is messing a bit with how the proportions look in the pictures. The camera seems like it might be a little bit lower and so shoots "up" at you, making your bottom half look longer than I suspect it is IRL. This potentially is what throws off the look (for some people) with the fully tucked tops.

- Yes, it is a bit of a departure for the style we have seen you wear in the last six months but that doesn't mean it isn't YOUR style. A top (tucked or untucked), skirt and crisp topper is very definitely one of your favorite formulas. And that's what this is - with just a slightly different skirt shape is all.

- I think it's difficult when we post an item for review that is a bit of a departure from what Fabbers are used to seeing us in....hence the "it doesn't look like you" comments. And I get that. But I also know personally that I'm often drawn to things that are slightly different because it means I'm ready to maybe shift a wee bit in my style. And that's how we grow.

So long and short of it is, I think the skirt is lovely, you've styled it beautifully and if it feels as wonderful as I can imagine and Mr. Suz likes it - keep, wear and enjoy

It is a beautiful skirt. I'm however in the camp of those who dislike it with tucked tops, although I don't agree it's "a whole lot of skirt".
I do however understand your concern of not being able to wear it enough. I know I wouldn't - and I do work in an office. I actually have a fairly similar dress and don't wear it often, even though it's a bit shorter than your skirt so a bit less dressy.
But to reiterate - it is beautiful, and you certainly have enough accompanying pieces to pull it off!

Shannon, thanks for weighing in. You of all people will understand this -- I know the issue has come up a lot in your K/R posts. People do get used to a particular style for someone and find it hard to imagine something different. Also, you are probably right about the camera angle. I just moved it from the guest room and it may not be set up the way I usually have it.

crst, these are the medium earrings. I debated, too, but Lisa had got the medium so I went with that. I do have big ears, FWIW. I felt like that might help balance the size, even though my features and face are not huge. I'm 5'4 if it helps, with a long neck.

Tex, thanks -- I am enjoying the sandals so far -- just got them yesterday! I think they will work really well for this purpose and am encouraged that they are good for you in your heat.

Sveta, maybe you need this for your dance capsule!! It would be such a great skirt for that. I am not sure if it is a lack of structure that would bother me -- I honestly don't think so. But I might be wrong.

Thanks, everyone -- I am really enjoying the varied opinions and find it fascinating. Still no decision. Luckily, I have a week or two to make up my mind for sure.

I think it looks fantastic on you, especially with the black tank. You look long and lean and gorgeous. Keep!

I agree about people getting used to some looks and being influenced by that. So some things that don't seem to be much of a stretch to ourselves might look like a bit of a departure to other people. I think no matter how often you post pictures what we see here is always just an approximation. I also have some looks I enjoy that I might not have posted or that just don't translate well in pictures. I think in the end everyone needs to trust their gut feeling and decide based on how something feels and looks IRL.

I think that if you like it - keep it! It sounds like its a fun skirt to swish around in!
I like the way you have it styled with the tops except for #9 - just seems like too much fabric/bulk on both the top and the bottom. Also, I'm not crazy about the pattern mixing in #6 - I want to see a 3rd piece added to it - like a taupe or ivory or black or blue denim jacket - I think that would pull it all together.
As far as shoes go - I'm not crazy about the black ones or the white cons. All the others are either low contrast or low vamped and to me seem to work better for the proportions of your outfits.
If I were considering this for myself - I would question the colors in the skirt. They don't seem very "summery" to me - but I'm not saying that that would automatically eliminate it - its just something to consider!
I really, really wish we could see the slit in the skirt in your pics! I think that would make a big difference in people's opinions. I looked at it on-line and it doesn't really show it there either, nor does it mention it in the description. Weird, huh?

Astrid and Shannon have made a good point, and have articulated it well. Lots of food for thought here.

Marley, you hit a really important point. If this skirt were ink or navy or even charcoal, I would not be hemming (ha ha) or hawing (hee hee)!!

Seriously -- if it were in a colour I typically wear more of, I wouldn't even hesitate, despite the cost. Maybe in the end, that is the real issue! Hmmm.

And you're right -- isn't it weird they don't mention that slit? It is very definitely there, though, and shows in motion.

Well, I'm leaning towards returning, but with some degree of sadness since I think I really would wear a skirt like this a whole lot!

I thank you all for your opinions and am so interested in the fact that there is such variation here, with some people's favourites being others' most disliked versions. Just goes to show how much of style is subjective and how important it is to feel great in what we're wearing, right?

Chiming back in here - your comment Well, I'm leaning towards returning, but with some degree of sadness since I think I really would wear a skirt like this a whole lot! is worrying me a bit Suz.
Why are you leaning towards returning it? Because there has been some negative feedback? Because it's black & white and not another color? Returning something that makes you sad and that you think you would wear a lot makes ME sad! Make sure you're returning it for the right reasons. We have to please ourselves first and foremost and if you really like it, then keep it. Just sayin'

Hi Suz - I really like the silhouette with the Franco Sarto (?) cow print shoes. It seems like a comfortable skirt that you could wear around the house.

Awww. Thanks, Shannon.

I DO really like it; but I'd like it a whole lot more in ink or navy with white. And I feel sure I'd get my money's worth from it in those colours. Know what I am saying?

Having said that, in black with taupe (it's not white in the pattern, but a light tan or taupe) it's a bit more unexpected for me—and that can be a good thing. Ummlila mentioned in another thread that she had put herself on a "blue fast." Well, I could perhaps consider a similar strategy if I want any variety in my wardrobe at all. Looking at my closet, especially my summer closet, it is a veritable sea of white and blue. Meanwhile, black is an accent colour in my closet; taupe is a key neutral. So it's not such a stretch.

Anyway. I do so appreciate all your thoughts, positive and negative. I will of course try it on again and wear it for an hour or two before deciding, and also consider where and when I might wear it in my regular life. Often if I make a list of upcoming occasions, I can see why I was drawn to a particular item.

What about this navy EF as a potential replacement? (It also comes in white).

I really like this skirt and I think it looks best with something more fitted on top, so you don't have extra volume blousing out over the top. I think the black tank and booties look is my favorite.

BTW I have been very good about my blue fast, though I haven't found any dresses I like for summer this year that are not blue, so have forgone them all.

I like it best with the topper and less heavy, lighter color shoes. Skirt looks summery to me despite black color, maybe because of fabric, cut and movement? Not office-y at all. It also looks easy to style, and easy to dress up or down. And it gives you some variation in silhouette. And seems like something that will travel well.

I am going to weigh in for returning. I think that in these colors, it's a bit too conventional and conservative despite the fabric and cut. It's neither edgy enough nor strict/classic and the pattern and color keeps it from being boho, so I find it kind of an amalgam hybrid. I am so sorry because I can see how it does look nice on you. And feel free to overrule my opinion!

Well, I was restraining from commenting--after all how does someone who is veering towards a no-fashion look have anything to contribute to a fashion critique? So I'll stop at saying I like the skirt. But what I am really wondering is why on earth you are thinking of returing something that YOU and Mr. Suz obviously like.

Yes, MAYBE you might decide after after a few wearings that this skirt isn't for you, and, yes, you could possibly find a "safer" skirt that everyone approved of, or that your head told you was the right color or shape, or that was exactly like all the other skirts in your closet, but is that the path you really want to take? Some of my most expensive fashion mistakes came from exactly this kind of "talking down" and substituting. And I'll always be dubious about dressing by group consensus.

Shannon has nailed it. Does this skirt make you happy--yes or no? Do Mr. Suz's eyes light up when he sees you in it--yes or no? I can't help but think of Janet and that HL dress that so many commenters felt was not her style or wasn't as flattering as her "normal" look. She was smart enough to listen to herself and her hubby when it counted...

I really like it on you! My favorite looks are the black tank and the denim jacket. It looks like it would be very versatile.

What Gaylene said!!

If you and Mr Suz love it, the only reason to return is if it is stretching the budget or preventing you buying something you love more. I see this as a versatile skirt and ideal for working from home too on a hot day, throwing a jacket over as needed.

I have these earrings too and love them - they really suit you, and are such a fun addition to the wardrobe.

I think this is why I rarely post k/r items. You like the skirt, hubs likes the skirt on you, and it makes you sad to think of returning it. So why wouldn't you keep it?! (assuming it's affordable of course.)

For me, how I feel in something is now my most important criterion. If I like something and I feel good in it, then it IS my style, even if it might be different than things I normally wear.

For what it's worth, I think this is a great skirt. And I also think that it likely looks even better IRL.

Re:"I DO really like it; but I'd like it a whole lot more in ink or navy with white"

Ah. Take it back then. I'm sure you'll be able to find something else.

What Diana said.
But that doesn't mean you can't have a style shift or shadow style or just a whackadoodle item.
The main thing I noticed is that the skirt does not look too dressy for normal excursions where you might dress up a little bit. So I think it's very wearable.

Suz - I love that skirt, and it loves you! It is a truly gorgeous piece that is on trend and a modern piece that can elevate all manner of tops, as you have shown. I would wear it in a heartbeat, but I am an office worker. I would not choose it on weekends. For that, I have adopted some lovely maxi skirts. Given your reduced budget based on your other post, do you see yourself wearing it often enough to make it a good purchase? Only you know that.

One skirt that feels THAT comfortable and looks THAT great with such a wide variety of tops and shoes, is a KEEP.

I especially like it with the black top, the denim jacket and the fuchsia top (with silver sandals). So many pretty looks, Suz.

I want to jump on Gaylene's bandwagon here.
Looking at the photos again I think they are all very wearable and would suit various occasions and activities as well as varying summer temps. You have so many different looks right here, it's hard to argue that you don't have enough to pair it with. You are an attractive woman and these looks do justice to your style IMO. I picture you as someone who walks with purpose and I can see this skirt just swishing along:-)

I look at someone's appearance as a whole and these pictures look like they would translate into impressive real life imagery.

I'm enjoying this discussion! I hope you keep the skirt, and one of the reasons is I've never subscribed to the idea that we can only have one style. The idea that something isn't "you" is strange to me...keep it, wear it, and it becomes "you". Are we only allowed to look one way?

I've made such comments in the past and most of the discussion was more in favor of having a coherent style. Which I can kind of see, but not if it becomes a box we aren't allowed out of!

And on top of that, I don't see it as being that different from "you". I think it looks very much like you...pretty, feminine, easy, casual and classy.

Agreeing with TS, if it makes you (& Mr Suz) happy then keep Having said that, if it is a summer only skirt for you would you get more wear out of a skirt that could cross into other seasons?

I prefer the black and white variations and version number one is so good I would keep it just for that outfit alone.

Suz, I'm not going to offer an opinion about keeping or returning the skirt. You have plenty of input about that already. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed scrolling through all your stylings of the skirt; it's amazing how many tops you've successfully combined with it, and how each one shifts the character of the overall outfit. Some of my favorites are 11, 12, 13, and 14. I'll be interested to know what you decide!

I think it looks really lovely on you, Suz. Go with your gut feeling.
I've admired that skirt in store and it's beautiful...... but it's too much skirt for petite little me.