Suz, don’t let my experience put you off that shirt! It was really nice but didn’t play well with my boobs.

Typo of "overshot" day. WHAT??? Sorry can't change it

Suz, M&S does great classic solid linen shirts. None of the colours were right for me, but they could be for you.

Thanks, Angie! Will check it out.

Katerina, there were a series of threads about minimalist looks, based in part on Irina's beautiful, simple, architectural style. Synne called it "plain" (not as an insult!) and others weighed in with their own versions. This was mine.

Great top! Think I need a gauze shirt now

Suz, you look stunning in white, I am sure this inspired Angie’s white post today.

Hope you will not use this one for weeding=the bright white!!)!!!:-(( Wow,
this is a great shirt--I love the texture (Brooklyn:- "cheesecloth" is still one layer but Suz said multiple layers! (???)) and the notch-neck (or isn't this one of those) only that has buttons down to hem (great use for layering, indeed) AND is also hi-low!! Great outfit -your plain is all a crispy plain!:-)

Super cute top and outfit! I love the looks of that fabric, soft instead of hard IYKWIM.