I've walked between 20,000 to 28,500 steps in these shoes. The sneakers did not need body glide, but the sandals and boots did. All sneakers and boots have extra cushioning insoles for my boney feet with no padding. I don't wear orthotics.

I walk quite fast, and up and down lots of Seattle hills - (Seattle is a lot like San Francisco). I've walked in blazing Salt Lake City heat - (40 degrees Celsius, 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Not a blister, and not a hint of arch or ball of the foot pain. THESE SHOES GO THE DISTANCE. I'm sooooooo thankful that my fussy feet have found excellent options that are fashionable, relatively pretty, and not too athletic-looking.

We'll be moving soon, and leading an almost "car-less" life, so it's even more walking for me, Greg and Sam. Happy feet have never been more important in my life. I love the walking lifestyle!

Over to you. Show me YOUR walking shoes, and if you can - the steps you've done in them.