MrsK, my pleasure. Have a great trip.


I have pretty much given up wearing regular shoes and usually go barefoot or wear sneakers. My sneakers of choice are Nike because they fit my foot the best. I wear cross trainers when I work out and runners for outside walking and running errands. When I need a casual walking shoe I love "Grasshoppers". When I need something a bit more dressy or somewhat casual I love Bare Traps because they fit my foot like a glove and are comfortable for walking and standing.

Here ya go ...Comfy as all get out and snake bite proof

...and these ones confuse the hell outta the buggers !

For "real" walking, i.e. travel or rambling downtown, I call on my Cobb Hill Bethany boots in cold weather and my Fidelio sandals in the heat (Bethany pictured in one of the responses above).

For everything in between, I love my Ecco High tops (2 different styles, in black and in white) and my Born side zip low sneakers. They have arch support, resilient, bouncy soles, and just enough breathability. I have Clark's sneakers that look great but make my feet hot quickly. The born sneakers are now on sale at Nordstrom.

I will take the Borns and the black Eccos with me next month when the Boy and I roam bits of the Baltic. The boots would better on cobblestones but I think they will be too warm.

These are my favourite walking shoes.

Bijou, I love your Doc Martens! I have been debating getting a pair. I lived in them in the 90s.

Style Fan, yes I had docs in the 90’s too. I bought these 2 years ago when I badly rolled my ankle and needed shoes with good ankle support. They have been unexpected workhorses and just as good as I remembered.

Stupidly expensive, but my black glitter & silver low top Golden Goose sneakers.
ETA photo

Gorgeous shoes Laura !,
These are my walking shoes , although I can actually walk a fair distance in my “daily dress up shoes “ too ! I also have multiple walking sandals .

AnnaG -- Golden Goose is, as you probably know, the height of NYC street chic at this moment.

I so envy your collections. Waiting for wide footed YLFers to chime in.

These are mine. I am trying to walk more for exercise. The leopard are most comfy, Australian brand called Supersoft by Diana Ferrari. The black lace are Skechers and the pink leather are also Australian, Django and Juliette.

Late to the party...some examples below.

Tennis shoes for running around town. I’m hoping the Seibels go on sale at NAS this year - they are almost worn out!

Rothys are my go to travel shoe - great for running through airports.

Tory flats and Botkier booties were both surprises. Can stand up to 6 mile days without blisters.