Angie and Suz: I place the dots on the place where the front of the shoe (peep toe or strap) contacts my big toe. I could also use them on my pinkie toe, but that's never necessary. They do help with slipping a bit, in addition to pressure, however, my feet, and apparently my toes too, are higher volume!

The clear dots are the best, since they don't show.

Also, Suz: The Sarto sandalds come in white and a lovely coral red, too!

THANK YOU, ladies, You are all fabulous.

Beth Ann, on the inside of the peep-to up top?

I am willing to try those dots if they help with slippage.

I wore my Steve Maddens today for a few hours. They were a bit better than on previous wears. But I suspect the problem has to do with my arches. I almost wonder if gel arch supports might keep my feet better in place. The shoe does not feel loose and the high vamp means it has tons of support up top, but the bottom of my foot isn't sure how to behave.

Thanks to all of you for these great suggestions. As for spring/summer shoes, I basically have nothing. I'm trying to wean myself off of running around most days in Lululemon and running shoes. Perhaps a baby step is a pair of metallic Vans?

Clark Netrix Rose in silver:

I don't agree with the reviewer -- I easily adjusted the straps to accommodate my wider foot. I did have to size up a half size for length, AND I adjusted the strap all the way out to the last hole. Insanely comfy with tons of cushioning, and totally cute. Have rec'd many compliments. Only gripe is that (after a week of wearing them every day and walking every where for long distances and packing them in my luggage) they've developed a bit of a squeak, but not so horrible that I'm going to stop wearing them. Note that I cannot wear Birks; this is a good Birk look-alike (and I actually prefer the look of the silver rather than the cork around the flatbed).

Taos Freedom in pewter:

Perfect sneaker for me -- no clown feet, and nice neutral metallic that goes with everything. With just enough support. Can remove and add custom orthotic, but I'd suggest sizing up 1/2 size.

These are my two new pairs for summer. I probably do need to add a wedge to the mix, but I'll wait for just the right pair to find me.

I have enjoyed this thread but am not very helpful as cannot find any of my shoes on-line. My favorites are pointy toe strap shoes, one is DV Geo and the other a local designer. I have a pair of Senso sandals I like - they are fisherman style so are open weave without toe exposing. I have some older traditional sandals too and wear Birkenstock Gizas around the house.

Late to the party but here are the shoes I am wearing the most lately.

1.Steve Madden - from last year
2.Vionic- From QVC
3.Vionic - from QVC

What a super helpful thread! I dread summer shoe shopping because of fit issues, but I recently purchased the following and am hopeful they will work. I haven't worn them out of the house yet but they seem promising.

What a great thread...I love knowing what works and why! I have very fussy feet with a painful bunion just on one foot and narrow heels:( it's really a challenge to find comfortable shoes for me, especially in a heel so 1 1/2 in is the limit!

1-2My favorite summer shoe last year was the Trina Sam Edelmann (in black) that others link to, also. I purchased the nude this year and am anxious to start wearing them. They work so well with everything; pants, skirts, dresses, crops...on and on:)

3-Alfani wedge sandal...these were an Angie recommended style years ago and I bought a new pair last spring...super comfortable, dress them up or down!

4-Dolce Vita perforated suede slip on. I purchased these earlier in the year at DSW .

7-Nike vintage trainers...I bought these for an upcoming trip and they will be great for touring days.

6-The Ralph Lauren slips on a are super comfy but on their last legs...

7-Adam Tucker loafers were favorites last year, too, and I'm happy to report are still in excellent condition

I also tried purchased the Franco Sarto gladiators that Beth Ann linked to...absolutely love these but they hit at the wrong spot on my bunion:(

Okay, so here is something interesting. The SE Trina that so many adore is absolute TORTURE for my foot. I could not get it off fast enough.

I think the last on that might be similar to the last on the Petty bootie. Despite the low heels on those, they are probably my least comfortable bootie. They're just a bit long in the sides/arch area (even in my smaller size) and feel weirdly "off" a lot of the time. Occasionally I'll have a day where they don't bother me.

Meanwhile, the SE Okalas are great for me! And the Suttons are also good, although not great, simply because the front strap isn't quite wide enough for my foot.

Isn't it amazing that shoes by the same maker can fit so differently? And how I wish those Trinas agreed with me. I adore the silver ones.

These aren't the height of style, but are very comfortable and I love the secure ankle strap and slightly retro look. I can and have run down the street or a trail after my kids in them. I have a similar cognac pair of these Clark sandals and will be wearing them all summer. They're an all day shoe for me. I have a high arch, wear 7's usually, and usually need medium widths.

Hi Angie,

Below are my last year's sandals, a flat pair of sort-of gladiators by Fly London. They are super-duper comfy. The kind you don't want to take off. My this year's sandals, actually Fluevog sandal boots, seem comfy but I've only worn them once and didn't have to walk far, so I can't vouch for them yet. What I can say is that they are remarkably easy to walk in for 3" heels. (Those aren't my feet in pic #4; it's just a photo I grabbed off the web).

For a frame of reference, I have average arches, average width feet and no real foot issues. My feet are a little bony and the heels are quite narrow. The Fly London flats are fine for me, but might not offer enough support for those with arch trouble.

Hope that helps!

I love Toms classics; I have two pairs currently and would like to get some more. I would love another pair of the crochet ones; they are surprisingly durable and comfortable. Despite being flat, they are very comfortable on me, and are a good way to add some color/pattern to an outfit.

My favorite sandals are two-year-old Nine West gladiator sandals in a light tan/nude color. They're flat, but surprisingly comfortable and needed no breaking in. They work with shorts or skirts equally well.

I also wear my Converse Hiness wedges a lot, although once the weather gets super hot, I will probably wear them less.

For walks my Birks.
For walking in town the Born Nikka.
I have others but these are the most comfy for me.
My nude Okalas got a fair workout too - but they are not all day shoes for me.

OMGoodness, how could I have forgotten about my Toms wedges?? Got these last summer as a bit of an impusle, and wore them constantly. Even took them to a conference when I knew I'd be doing quite a bit of walking. Because they are casual, I didn't feel funny wearing them with more casual clothes, and then I felt great because they'd elevated the outfit a bit. Make sense? I wore them with dressy shorts, the Athleta prima capris, that sort of thing. New territory for me - I'd normally be in flats.

My life is very casual, and I have wide, high-volume feet with a tendency for plantar faciitis - I don't wear heels much > 2", narrow (unstable) wedges, unpadded flats or any closed heel that is not tied on (i.e. sneakers are ok). But I love having a selection of fun summer shoes.

Birks and birki-like shoes are my favorites. If I could afford them I would get Arizona's in a whole spectrum of colors, and hire an artist to customize a pair or two with a fun print! Sadly, that won't happen. Mudd and MukLuks both make comfy versions of 'Arizona'. I like the look of the UnionBay 'Melissa' sandals, but the straps feel very plastic-y, not good for sweaty summer feet.

My feet don't like toe posts, but are fine with the White Mountain 'Carly.' Since I often have to size up to get enough width I need a sandal that is wide enough is often too long for my feet. I am very happy with the range of width adjustment with the straps on on the BOC 'Bensi', these allow me to wear the correct length. My other big find last year was the cushy gladiator sandal 'Reeta' by BareTraps with an ankle strap that exactly covers my ankle bursae (that swell up in hot weather, just when I want to wear sandals).

Tevas work for me for casual summer walking, see the Rubygirls' post Teva Sandals? with more advice (I need the styles like the 'Hurricane XLT' with adjustable heel straps).

I'm moving through autumn now, so last summer shoes were:

1. very comfy and casual low wedge sandal from Azaleia
2. low heel sandal, simple and versatile, from Beira Rio
3. summer ballerinas from Melissa
4. flip flop- sandals from Havaianas

Thank you for this thread! The Franco Sarto Holt seemed to occur on a lot of these lists so I purchased them in platino/nude on Amazon and received compliments by the very first person who saw them at the mall. They are comfortable and I think will be very versatile.

Representing for the wide forefoot (+ bunions from years of pointy toe pumps), short toes, high arch crew. Well, if you can call 3 people a crew Also, team fussy feet., as they swell quite a bit and flying requires verrry loose fit. I find that during hot weather (>70F here) I need open shoes that are loose and won't cause hot spots; my ideal footbed is the straw found in Summer flip flops (for 80F plus days), which isn't particularly prevalent or fashionable. I'd rather be barefooted on the sand in that kind of weather really.

Serious traveling shoes: red platform Crocs sandal with Crosslite footbed, Saucony running shoes, Off the Cuff gladiators, Ash Virgin Star perforated high tops, Payless flat flip flops (pic).

Comfy indoor walking shoes: All Black Tux slip-on sneakers, any peep toe stacked heel bootie/shootie, SE Okalas and Sole Society Annekes, AGL ballerina flats (comfy, but don't love style on me), Kenneth Cole metallic slip on sneakers (similar) and Coconut strappy shootie.

I have to hold my breath looking at these shoe collections ! Wow !

I have a Size 9 foot and had tendon surgery about a year and a half ago and the Doctor told me to stick to Josef Seibels- when I got out of the boot cast. I did for a while but I have found the Ecco's and Bernie Mev's to be excellent "running" sandals. Fantastic from day 1.... I have my eye on a couple of pairs this year but really they are all in good shape ( with the exception of the Bernie Mev's that I wore all too often wading in salt and fresh water... treating as a water shoe- I had to resilicone the front of one and it is fixed now ). The green ones are muckers as well- but easy to throw in washer- I wash the Bernie Mev's in the washer. I want another two pairs of those and a pair of Ecco's this year. I am inspired by the Emma's enough to know that the heel is not wide enough for me but that I have two pairs or Clarks ( Blue and Green ) where I do not like the color and I am going to paint them Coral and Fushcia... I am actually excited about this...

These are the most comfortable summer/spring shoes I have. I have small feet (5.5 or 6) with wide toes and a narrow heel. It took a lot of searching, but these are all super comfortable. The slip on Vans are much more comfortable for me than the lace up Vans. Sandals are tough for me because my toes are wide (c width) - often not wide enough for "wide" shoes but too wide for many regular shoes. The Kelsi Dagger shoes are actually adjustable at the toes. I have the Cole Haan oxfords in three colors not pictured (blue nubuck with pink soles and laces, navy suede with turquoise soles and laces, and black suede with purple soles and laces). Those are nice when it is cooler and are good for walking when I want to look a bit nicer. They have great arch support. I have the easy spirit shoes in a blue floral print that is cute. The Tevas are super comfortable and my go to shoes when it's really hot for the beach and errands. I ended up in a 5 in those. I'm a 6 in all the other shoes pictured and 6.5 in the Nikes.

I just came across these Eileen Fisher sandals that look so simple and versatile. They would fill the same niche as my dearly departed Born Macadamia sandals. I haven't tried them yet, though.

I am constantly looking for comfy shoes so I appreciate all these great options!

I have fussy size 9 feet: med-high volume, tender soles prone to blister & plantar fasciitis so I need arch support, secure ankle straps & I cant really wear heels or pointed toes anymore. I walk to work & am on my feet all day, so comfort has become #1

I was overseas teaching & travelling all summer last year & was saved by my Nikes, Taos sandals, Birk Milanos. The Taos are adjustable at the forefoot, have contoured arch supports, good stability/traction (great for cobblestones) & the footbed is soft, so they made a good travel shoe. lots of colors/textured leathers available.

I have a few pairs of Naots, & the wider footbeds are very comfy.

The Anyi Lu heels are comfy for a dressy situation I dont need to walk a lot in. The leather is soft & no blisters

Oh, i have the born gladiators that Laura J linked to. I got mine a couple of years ago and didn't realize they were still being made. They are comfy although don't have quite enough arch support for my very flat feet for long days. slipon sneaker + espadrille trend very comfortable to wear, works nicely with jeans etc

and these
not too high and the platform/wedge is easier to wear than just a wedge. Has some sparkle and again espadrille, so right in style. can wear with maxis/jean/crops and not too $$$ (I got on sale)

These are the shoes I've bought so far this spring/summer. From years past, I have a couple of pairs of Cole Haan loafers, a couple pairs of Naot sandals, and one pair of Arche sandals as well. Oh, I also have a pair of platform sneakers from Joshua Saunders that look like a hologram snakeskin. As you can tell, I'm all about a colorful, comfortable shoe.