I should have done a pic today.

I voted early in ratty exercise clothes and then cleaned up to serve as a poll observer. That outfit choice was not as easy as it might have seemed. I did not want to appear to be electioneering, so I did not wear red or blue. I did not want to wear a pantsuit, which would ordinarily be exactly the sort of thing I would wear, also for the electioneering reason (Pantsuit Nation). I did not want to be overly dressy, because I was serving in a small town where I knew no one would be dressed up, but I also did not think jeans would be appropriate.

What I ended up with:

  • DVF camel merino sweater with lace appliqué (Natalie has a white version of this)
  • Black J Crew stovepipe trousers
  • La Canadienne studded patent oxfords
  • AYR glass effect jacket
  • Blush J Crew puff vest
  • Dagne Dover stingray black tote.

Finder are a bit limited because most items are older.