I just packed up the shoes I had hoped would be my summer statement purchase. Sending them back because the color was sort of neither here-nor-there for fitting into my wardrobe, but more because I just didn't love how they looked on my feet.

That leaves me with summer almost over (technically...there's still plenty of warm weather left in LA) and no statement item for the season. I'm a little sad about it. I want to fall in love with something special and have room in my closet and budget for it, but it just hasn't happened--organized, emotional shopping, but the emotion hasn't struck.

Seems like a good time to look back over what I have bought so far this year. 10 items.

winter 2021 statement piece - printed duster
spring 2021 statement piece - white dress
direct replacements for worn-out pieces - 2 pairs jeans, gear capris, black balloon pants
additional essentials - sandals, mini backpack, black top, graphic tank

As my wardrobe grows more essentials-heavy, I find I'm replacing retired completers/light statements with repeat essentials.

My most recent purchase was the black balloon pants from Gudrun Sjoden - they're great replacements for a similar pair I had from Eileen Fisher a few seasons ago. I wore those until they got holes in the thigh and then patched them and wore even longer. Hoping to use these for a two-piece jumpsuit look, maybe with a top I have my eye on from Hackwith Design House (the only item in Finds here that I haven't yet bought). Maybe I just pair those and call them my summer statement? Not very exciting.