I went to the mall yesterday, and have some try on pictures.

I'm looking for spring/summer.  On my list - casual clothing, try on new bottom silhouettes, knee length dress, items that can really hold up in hot weather. I also have a long time HEWI of a colorful raincoat, so I tried on one of those as well. 

1 Gap pants

This is definitely a different silhouette for me, and I'm unused to tucking my pants.  I sized down in this.  I kinda like it??

2 Banana Republic sleeveless top

My favorite color.  It's my standard size.  Fairly long, and could look good with slim bermudas, a silhouette I like.

3 Ralph Lauren Anorak jacket

In my fave color.  This runs on the large size, as I normally go up from this size in jackets.  I tried on the size down.  It probably fit better through the body, but the underarm area became too tight with only a tee on. 

4 Eileen Fisher Gray tencel dress

This is the larger of EF sizes I am between.  Gray, not black as it may come across on screen.  A super easy dress style for me to dress up or down for summer when it's super hot.  (Can't find a find for this one - it was on the super clearance rack)

5 Calvin Klein tee

Shown in prior post.  Makes my eyes look this color.  Matches my N&S suede earrings. 

6 Eileen Fisher  cotton tee

See how I'm trying to find my favorite colors this year?  On clearance and got in my smaller EF size.