Well, I was a big huge yes for the EF dress from the start. My summers are short, but even I know how crucial a dress like this can be in hot weather, and I wish I could get this exact item myself! It looks fantastic on you and super versatile.

I also like the BR top, especially to wear as you say (that's a silhouette I like wearing in summer, too). It can work with a tube skirt, too, if you have such a thing.

And love your semi-tucks!! So much fun.

The pants are tricky. They do look good and are a fun style and it would be great to experiment. But they are a commitment to a new silhouette so that means different tops, shoes, etc. Having said that, this is a low cost version and could be fun to play with.

I don't think the RL is a good fit on you. It's not the size -- it's the cut and fit model.

Yay to the dress Suz. I do have one tube skirt. I didn’t even consider it, but I like it in theory. I’ve decided against the pants because I think I can find something else I’m more comfortable with. In your recent post you talked about crop flares, and I may feel similarly about this silhouette. I am being practical about limiting my purchases, and don’t want to feel compelled to shop more to complete an outfit. I wouldn’t buy that jacket in another color, and I’ve never really liked anoraks. Sometimes it takes stepping back after being blinded by a pretty color.

I like the paper bag Gap pants best. You look GREAT with a tucked tee. EF dress is a winner. Great casual styling.

Thanks Angie. I thought you might like the pants. Maybe I will try to style them with what I have. I don’t want to add other pieces to make them work.