I had an entire 3 hours of shopping time in the big city today and yesterday, whoo-hoo!!!

Except it didn't turn out to be quite the spend-a-thon I might have hoped for. I went to Bloor Street for about an hour on Wednesday evening and the Eaton Centre from 10 until noon today.

Friends, I am learning why I shop online!

In all seriousness, it was lovely to have the time on my own to wander. It was great to be there in the morning today, when everything was quiet and serene. I got great service and had lots of space around me. It was fun to finger things and see colours in real life.

But apart from my fun new jacket, I found nothing worth bringing home with me.

I had ordered a few things from J. Crew but nothing worked except for a pair of shorts and a metallic tee. Either the size was off or the cut wasn't right or something. I will probably re-order the popover in a different size. It was not available in store. Nor were the Rayner jeans in my size. In fact, almost nothing was available in my size.

I went to BR in two locations, in hope of finding those fun linen pants LisaP discovered -- no luck. Did not find anything else I liked, either.

Went into both Zaras (Bloor and Eaton) and liked a few things in both stores, a least in theory -- but they did not have my size.

Went into Massimo Dutti and saw gorgeous orchid coloured sweaters, etc., but do not need.

Went to the new M0851 and enjoyed looking but was not crazy about unlined bags.

Went into Club Monaco and was not tempted by anything.

Went into Ann Taylor and did not fall in love with anything; went into Loft and tried the toile blazer but I needed a size down (or was between sizes) and they did not have it. It didn't look as good on me as the tweed jacket I ended up buying.

Went into about 8 shoe stores and could not find bright shoes apart from a few total flats or sky high heels. Lots of lovely neutral shoes but I want a bright colour.

So, what think you? Was this a fluke, or what? I'm going to get busy with some serious online shopping this weekend!!

Meanwhile, you see below the sum total of my spring/ summer refresh so far!

What I want:

  • Wide leg crop jeans/ pants (either, or more likely, both -- for pants, linen would be great or light cotton).
  • A few short boxy tops to wear with them.
  • A bright red or fuchsia shoe or sandal, not a flat, not a loafer, but not a high heel.
  • A red or fuchsia or yellow bag (should be easier to find)
  • A top with interesting sleeve detail