I agree with smittie that it takes discipline not to bring items home just for the sake of it. I'm the worst at that, especially as I have to get things home to try with other things before deciding. I have gotten better about returning things but I wish I could edit more in store. So brava!

Respect, Suz! You covered a lot of ground in only three hours and came home with that stunning tweed jacket!
Also, I know it's not fun not being able to find the things on your want/need list, but in a way being able to clearly define what you do not want and need, and then actually putting that into practice while shopping in brick-and-mortar stores can be a very helpful exercise in itself - and one you succeeded at brilliantly.

Also: I admire your restraint at Massimo Dutti's. Passing up those orchid-coloured sweaters while you love that colour (high five!-) and looks so good on you, couldn't have been easy!-)

P.S. What style of bag are you looking for, Suz? And which shade of red would you like?

Your tweed jacket and sneaks look awesome.
I do feel your pain because I had the same experience at Eaton last week. Saw a lot of possibilities but either I didn't need them or the fit was wrong somehow. Online shopping makes me happier these days.

I agree that it is hard to find the right things in B&M stores. I would like to support them, but they just can't offer the selection that online stores can. I think I'm more discriminating now, and I know I don't have to settle for what's available.

You did score a wonderful tweed jacket that looks fantastic on you! It can be frustrating to try and shop so much in such a short time.

I have a feeling more and more we're going to be forced to shop online. I do sometimes like to go in and try stuff on or return items when I've ordered several things from one store and don't want to ship a bunch of separate packages back and lose $$ I worry about shipping multiple items back in one box if they arrived in separate boxes - I'm always afraid they won't credit me for each of the separate items as I had it happen once.

Suz, my "new" tweed jacket is a muted plaid, primarily navy with red/pink. It's very Chanel-ish, with lots of fringe and two patch pockets. I looked at the tag and it's all synthetics. I guess real Chanel jackets are probably wool, silk or cashmere, or maybe unicorn eyelashes. It was inexpensive so if I don't get much wear out of it, it doesn't matter. It's kind of an experiment.

You are a speedy shopper! It's disappointing when you have things you need and are prepared to buy but just can't find anything. Though it's certainly good to be as discerning as you are now. You know what works for you and it's worth it to be picky.

I really needed new casual knit tops this year and I did better online than in stores. Anthro was good for me especially since I could order petites in some styles which they never have in the store. Shoes have been a combination of in store (department and specialty) and online from Anthro and Amazon. I did order several from Zappos but those didn't work. I too wanted a color sandal for work wear and got this Donald Pliner that is a pretty shade of cherry red suede.

It's too bad you didn't have more time - you could have gone down to Queen St W where the really good indies are - as you know. I find more at smaller independent shops now than in the chain stores.

This happens to me all the time. I'll have time to shop and find nothing, then have no time to shop and find more than I can try on in a shopping session. I have been doing better and better with online shopping although I still prefer to buy in the stores. The selection online is considerably better than what I see in stores.

Suz, do you have a Nine West Shoe Studio near you? I haven't been in for ages, but I got an email from them today advertising 30% off everything and they had some great colourful heels in the ad!