I like to think I'm an early adopter when it comes to shoe trends- in my own little middle-Canada way. It's my way of updating my look from season to season when clothes are so much harder to find.

Like many of us, I am finding myself unable to wear high heels anymore, and finding what used to be comfortable and wearable...decidedly not.

I decided today that I have had enough of the sneaker trend . I own many, all versions from embellished with fur pompoms to perforated uppers and pointy toes and beyond and in all neutrals and metallics . They are great for casual, but I can't stand wearing them for work anymore and am a loss for what else to try. I was out and about on my rounds today, in leather pants and satin platform sneakers with the fur poms, and caught my reflection and saw - well - not a good thing. There's that point you can hit, where unless you're the Accidental Icon, you can look like a middle aged try-hard. Aaaaaand, that was me. Sure, could have been the pompoms, but regardless, any other pair of sneakers would have had the same effect (that athleisure street look gone nuts) I crave something dressier and with more polish. What is that?? I've done the mule thing, and that too can look a little casual if they are super flat (plus doesn't work at this time of year) I want /need a 1 1/2 inch heel that is not matronly looking - I need the boost of height a heel gives and feel like a stumpy duck in pure flats. I'm not great with pointy toes due to aging feet issues. Winnipeg is not exactly in the forefront of footwear fashion options , so I don't get to see what is trending in footwear retail unless I'm travelling. What are you all wearing for work these days? I got the bright idea that an actual ankle boot - maybe with some openwork detail might work - flashing some skin is a nice thing - but that will only work for the next couple of weeks (I hope). Plus, I didn't find any today - wrong season for them . Stores here are full of sneakers, and heeled sandals. Not much in between. Thoughts? Suggestions ? What do you wear for work?

An aside - a local blogger acquaintance - DbyDenise - posted today about some beautiful dove grey cut away ankle boots (which probably launched me on this runaway train) which look perfect, but are $350 Cdn. Is this what you need to spend to get nice shoes now? Ugh.