The gold sandal booties have been RETURNED.

In case you're interested: I am not affected by "cost per wear" for every wardrobe item because it takes some of the fun out of my style. They DID spark joy. I was happy to wear a sandal bootie trend that is no longer at its fashionable peak. I had the storage space. I fancied that they were sartorially different to what I would regularly choose (rebellious in a adventurous way, IYKWIM).

These are the thoughts that really hit home, and helped me make my final decision:

  • Tanya: "with them being open-toed, I am guessing than even if the heel were lower you still wouldn’t wear them as often as your loafers"
  • Suz: "there is a “best before” date on HEWIs. We *think* we need an item because we’ve been longing and looking for it for so long…but by the time we get it, our style preferences have evolved to the point where we rarely wear it!"
  • Karie: "The opportunities to wear them as sitting shoes would most likely involve indoor AC or be in the evenings when the weather is cooler, and you (and me too) don’t like cold toes".
  • DonnaF: "I think the fact that you are asking here is very telling".

Things weren't "right enough" with these sandal booties, and that's why I haven't reached for them. Instinct took over. And you helped me understand why. Fabulous!

Thanks to everyone who contributed to todays's blog post. I appreciate your engaged, passionate, candid and respectful responses.


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