On to the next. Cold toes are the worst (and wet ones are too for that matter. Sandals in the rain? Ick, never!). The too-high-for-me cage sandals I bought a few years back sit unworn in my closet and will probably get donated. On to the next for me too!

I'm glad you made the decision and are at peace with it. They are really pretty shoes, though.

It was great to read your decision making process Angie. Sounds like the right choice!

Love Myers Briggs! I am an INFP

Thanks for the validation, ladies. No regrets whatsoever.

ONTO FALL SHOPPING in about an hour.

Makes a lot of sense! On to the next (better) big thing!

I am an INFJ/INTJ. (Depending on the day. I score almost 50/50 on the F/T scale and like 90 for all the others )

I know you'll find the perfect replacement that you can't wait to wear! Have fun today!

I know that CPW isn't your guiding rule, but I had a hunch that you might only wear those shoes two times this summer and by next year...what if boho is no more? That would be a pretty high CPW. One could buy Pradas for that, if one would wear them a dozen times! (See what I did, there? Happy Prada shopping )

Phew! I enjoyed this saga because it is SO relatable, and am now eagerly awaiting the pair that next catches your eye!

I wore mine again last night to a concert, in your honor!

Thanks for sharing your keep/return process. I really enjoyed it and think you made an excellent choice. Next!

I need to go through my shoes and be as honest with myself as you were with yourself. I'd probably have room in my closet if I did LOL6

Good to know your thought process. It's really hard to give up something I love, even if I am pretty sure I won't get much use out of it. But I agree, if you hadn't worn them yet then they probably weren't going to get worn. Tough decision though.

I'm happy that you returned the sandals. Now onto more fab things!

Another gorgeous pair will come along

Love how you shared your thinking process on this matter, dear Angie! I had pegged you for an INFJ but enjoyed learning the truth; I'm guessing that Greg is an INTJ? Any other (besides me) ENFPs, here?

Interesting discussion! I love seeing how you make fashion decisions.