You knew this was coming, right?

Whereas I feel like I’ve got colour and pattern in sufficient quantity to create visually interesting outfits, texture Is a work in progress, and shine (?) well, I need some help! A silver foil t-shirt, two evening clutches (silver and gold) and the hardware (mostly silver) on bags and belts (when I wear one) are about it! My hair is never shiny (but it has texture!) and jewellery is minimal, but I wear sparkly stud earnings or small gold rings. No sequins or studs in my closet. I have a pair of patent leather tuxedo pumps, and this month replaced worn out white canvas sneakers with iridescent white Converse. That’s it!

Is shine a factor in your outfits? Do you think about it and consciously incorporate it into a look? Are you all about the bling, or is your ‘shiny’ a subtle thing?