Oh wowee!!! Congrats Day Vies! I've missed your fab style and this is the best news--I'm so glad you're back and I can't wait to see your maternity style. You are positively glowing and I am so excited that you're having a little Day Vies to follow in your fab fashion footsteps!

I have some links to my maternity outfits in this post:
I was lucky that I was able to stretch my pre-pregnancy wardrobe and buy very few maternity clothes, because I knew it was going to be the last one. I bought maternity black skinny pants from H&M, burgundy skinny cords and a mustard tunic top from Pea In the Pod, and maternity Always skinny jeans and a tank from Gap. I could be mistaken, but I think that was about it that was specifically maternity. The rest of the things I wore were either stuff I already had, or stretchy non-maternity clothes I bought while pregnant. Bonus is that I can still wear that stuff now, it just is a relaxed fit (which happens to be in).

You can still wear your old tops even if they are short, if you layer over a maternity tank, or hike up your skirts and make them high-waisted. I bought several of those Vince Camuto midi tube skirts and Target Merona ponte pencil skirts and I was able to wear them even up to delivery!
Here I am at 38-40 weeks and ready to pop, yet none of it was maternity wear!
Same with my stretchy wrap and faux wrap dresses--still wore them in 3rd trimester and they just became a little shorter, but still wearable:
And I loved adding capri leggings under my regular dresses to make them into tunics when they became short due to the big belly:
You can also wear your old button down shirts, open over a maternity tank.
I also used belts a lot to define my "waist" and just belted above the bump (which ended up being right below my bust toward the end of pregnancy).

I wouldn't worry too much about stretching out knitwear. I actually have been wearing most of my clothes post-partum as well and haven't found that anything was "ruined" by my wearing it during pregnancy. The Target leopard skirt and the H&M fur collar burgundy cardigan are a little loose now (maybe because I had bought them a size up), and the Gap dolman sweaters I haven't felt like wearing, but everything else has held up well. I am not a small capsule dresser though, so I don't wear my clothes super hard. I went the "adapt a large wardrobe creatively" vs. the "buy a minimalist maternity wardrobe" route. I think both approaches are great though--others who are more minimalist would probably do well with jazzing up the basics with lots of different accessories to change things up. (Purses and jewelry and shoes are great things to shop for during pregnancy since those don't typically change size!)

Hope this helps, and congrats! Can't wait to see what you do with your wardrobe during this happy and exciting time!

Oh what wonderful news! Congratulations to you and Mr. DV!

I had been thinking about you recently and I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better. You will be one of those beautifully glowing pregnant women I am sure. I'm confident that you will quickly adapt to your changing shape and will continue to show us stylish flattering looks!

Ornella - I am glad you have so much faith in my abilities. My first installment of stretchy tops arrived yesterday. I am finding that with these huge rather shapeless tops I bought a semi-tuck with an off the shoulder asymmetry works to create a really fashionable shape for me provided that I'm wearing a tank underneath.

GoldenPig - You are a treasure trove of information! Thank you so much for sharing your experience. I so admired your maternity style. I'm just not sure I'll be able to translate a lot of what you were able to accomplish on to my body. Granted a lot of that resistance is my fear that my body will morph into something I don't recognize. I guess I'll just have to get there and see what happens. I am finding that skirts are a lot more forgiving that anything else thanks for the reminder.

Hi DV,
Lots of old friends are obviously very happy to see you back. The lavender suits you and your styling gives nothing away. I know where you are coming from re comfortable, super stretchy good quality staples, why I ended up designing my own. For the next three months I'd stick to clothes like these you can wear after the baby arrives, that will mould to you as you grow and then shrink and only invest in premium priced maternity pieces if and when you absolutely have to. I recommend clothes swap parties through pregnancy.
Shirley x

A clothes swap is genius Shirley - I love your suggestions.

Good to see you back and CONGRATS!! Also, I love the boots!

I've missed you! Wonderful news, my congratulations to both of you. You are entering an exciting new phase in life. I feel that my children are a gift that keeps on giving, and I can't imagine life without them, of course!

Your sartorial maternity outfit challenges are already in the best of hands, and I can't wait to see your take on it.

Another congratulations DV! Regarding pregnancy clothes, I think it is worth getting a few things designated for pregnancy without plans to wear them for very long afterward. It was closure for me when I could pass on my pregnancy clothes and I had no trouble finding someone who wanted them.

O - what lovely news! You look radiant, great boots.

I stalked gap maternity sales. I found that their basics - jeans, pants, tees - fit well, relatively inexpensive, and lasted for the duration. Plus gap carried long lengths in pants. I had a uniform of 3-4 pants, a couple of tees and tanks that I would then pair with my regular jackets and cardigans. My maternity specific clothes were just the base. I wasn't able to wear regular clothes for pants or tops past 5-6 months. I think a lot of woman can but the pants were just uncomfortable and tops are barely long enough for me not pregnant. Pregnant my belly was not covered, eek!

Such happy news, enjoy.

Congratulations, DV! You look radiant and beautiful, the pregnancy suits you well.

Great outfit, if you hadn't said anything I would not have noticed your new growing family member. Congratulations!! As far as maternity dressing tips go, I can't draw from any personal experience. But I do think the oversized / fluid top silhouette is quite flattering on you, as it pulls the focus to your long legs. Maybe Angie's recent post on dressing the adorable apple will have some usable tips.

Congratulations DV! You look gorgeous:) Wishing you all the best and I am looking forward to your maternity fashion.

Congratulations! You look lovely in that sweater. I actually have been impressed by some of the tops and sweaters/cardigans in the Ross maternity section. I didn't try them over a bump, but for the price and the style I tried a few to see if they would work without one when I was shopping for long cardigans.

I just love the collective wisdom on this forum. I have more than enough ideas to try on for size. I am just so happy that you all are so generous in sharing your ideas and experiences. I will be trying all of them on for size and seeing what I come up with in the weeks and months to come. Thank you all so very much. I am overwhelmingly grateful for your suggestions, solutions, and well-wishes.

Welcome back & congratulations to you both, great news

Congratulations!! Very excited for you. You look wonderful!

Day Vies, I'm extremely late to the party, but CONGRATULATIONS! How thrilling. And you look amazing (as usual).

Congratulations - you are glowing and I look forward to seeing this part of your fabulous style. I second Old Navy, Gap and adding H&M (now that they are online it's easier) for basics as well as Target. I did well sizing up and getting talls for tops - Eddie Bauer and Gap have good tall selections. For the hot weather get some drapey knit maxis for total comfort and style. Most importantly bras! Never scrimp and get measured often. I would not recommend preordering nursing bras until very near the end. Even then don't over order you never know what's going to be your size/shape.
Also if you have any consignment sales near you for kids (Just Between Friends is a well-known franchise I work with locally and you can find one near you online at jbfsale.com but there are more) They are great places to get maternity wear and baby clothes and gear that is new or gently used and at a great price.

Jjsloane - wow thank you for confirming my initial thoughts. I was thinking an XL tall would work for length & width -- even better to tell me about a franchise source for consignment kid's clothes. YAY! I'll definitely be revisiting this thread as the months go on to review all the great nuggets of information shared with me here.

Congratulations! I am so happy for you!

Congratulations!! I've wondered where you were. My two cents on clothes is to not get too many, time really does fly, and you'll have no idea how your body will change, how big you will get, etc. Sure you'll get sick of them, but so what. I got a lot of mine from a maternity/baby consignment store, and kinda regretted the new pieces I bought, I really didn't wear them enough. But then, having too much stuff is my thing.

What a fab news:-), YLF and I've missed you, too!

Congratulations!! You're glowing, and I couldn't tell there was a little one! I second the minimalist maternity capsule for when you need different clothes and Just Between Friends. I also trolled EBay for cheap maternity clothes that fit my color palette & aesthetic. I belted above the bump, got into maternity skirts faster than tops and wore them higher, and wore wider/wide-at-hem tops through delivery with a longer layer underneath (to add more options). These early bump clothes will also be your post-partum capsule, so keep them handy!

Congrats on your great news! I can't wait to see how you style it up this spring!