Wonderful news, I'm thrilled for you and you look beautiful.

Great news, congratulations! Looking forwards to your post in the time to come.

So good to have you pop in, Day Vies. Congratulations on your exciting news. As ever, you look composed and elegant. Enjoy the next phase.

Congratulations Day! It's great to see you again. You look even more beautiful.

Oh I was missing you DV! Congratulations and welcome back. You look beautiful. Your outfit is lovely and such classic DV style.

My maternity wardrobe (kiddos are 3 and 6) worked really well for me. I went with a very limited wardrobe organized with a capsule approach, even though I didn't yet know what that was when I did it. I kept my color palette limited so the pieces worked with each other. And oddly, even though I was used to a very big wardrobe, I was really happy with my maternity wardrobe. So little to think about when I was getting dressed. It helped too that I knew it was only going to be for a short time. I had one bottom for each day of the work week and one top, plus one pair of jeans and two maternity sweaters. I mixed and matched them, but everyone was guaranteed to see me in my olive trousers at least once a week. It was fine.

If you decide to wear your current knitwear while you are pregnant, keep in mind that it will very likely permanently stretch it (not guaranteed, but more likely than not) and you won't be able to or want to wear it after a couple months postpartum.

I absolutely loved the Gap for good quality maternity office-appropriate work wear at great prices. I bought from Old Navy for fun, cheap weekend stuff. Now Loft, AT and JCrew all have maternity too, so they are available as options that I didn't have. Lucky you!

So, unasked for advice, right? But maybe it will be helpful, so I couldn't help but volunteer!

Welcome back, dear. You look fab!

Congratulation to you & Mr DV - wonderful news. What about wrap tops? They have some adjustment potential but still have some structure?

Oh, I've missed you! And I was just thinking about you yesterday. So glad that you're doing well, and super congratulations!

I have so missed your posts! Congratulations, such a wonderful reason to be absent, well not the troublesome first trimester thing... Hope that you are feeling much better now! Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop and letting us know! You look as wonderful as always!!!!

Congrats! You are positively glowing! My last pregnancy was 17 years ago so no advice to offer BUT I am sure you will wow us with your mother-to-be style soon enough, and I look forward to your journey!

"Congratulations" how very exciting.....no advice but sure you'll be one stylish mum

K. Period. - I have been trying to create a capsule for that very reason you mentioned. EASY -- no thought required. I don't have to worry about work just now so work-type clothing isn't on my radar just now. I am really liking the idea of limiting the capsule to one bottom per day of the week. That gives me a base to build upon. Thanks for the warning about stretching out my current knit wear. I don't have much of it that I think will work beyond the next 3-5 weeks so I'll put them away once they're not so loose. Old Navy is my best friend I just ordered a few basics from them -- no prints just solid neutrals. I think scarves and jewelry are going to do the heavy lifting (outfit interest) for me. I love your unasked for advice! I did NOT know that AT J. Crew or LOFT had maternity clothes. I knew if I asked for advice on the forum I would get great responses. THANK YOU!!!!

Caro - I have 2 wrap cardigans (one in a light weight wool the other in knit jersey) that I think will fit the bill. Great suggestions because even if I can't wrap them around me I can wear them over a matching tank with leggings.

Woohoo! Another YLF baby! So excited for you and DH, and glad to hear that the sickness has passed. I was thinking about sending a PM to say hello, since I hadn't seen you on the Forum recently.

I looked like Ben Franklin when I was pregnant -- shaped like a barrel-chested, pot-bellied older man. Seriously. Much of the maternity clothing just didn't match my shape, since I carried DS much higher and wider than many. I found that tops for apple shaped women (Chicos -- calling it out by name) fit well, just a size or so up.

I love K.'s idea of a capsule! And I'd encourage you to take a look at GoldenPig's maternity posts for inspiration.

Is that a J. Lo sweater? I have one in navy.

Day Vies -- I have missed you. Such wonderful news! I am so thrilled for you and your DH. You look beautiful in that lovely, soft lavender color. Awesome boots. I am confident that with your fabulous sense of style you will be a "best dressed" mom-to-be. (Another yay for Old Navy. I love them too.)

1. You look fabulous.
2. I missed you!
3. Don't stay away!!!

A DayVies junior! Wonderful!

Congrats! Missed you! When I was pregnant more than 20 years ago, I remember being shocked that I couldn't get into some of my maternity clothes like my basic black skirt at the end of my pregnancy -- and I only gained about 25 - 30 pounds so I wasn't exactly huge. What the?!? Very annoying. I think those items had elastic and extra room versus stretch.

I look forward to your baby bump posts.

I was just wondering where you were yesterday. Figured the job had consumed you. So happy about your news. Congratulations! No stressing over the wardrobe. It will all be fine and short-lived.

I've noticed your responses on a couple other threads recently and am glad you're "back"! And what happy news! Congratulations! (We adopted, so I'm no help with maternity wardrobe.)

What fabulous news, Day Vies!
You are just glowing in your dusty lavender. I hope you continue to feel better, and I will leave it to the more recently pregnant people to give you maternity wardrobe tips. (My youngest "baby" is 32 years old, so maternity dressing has changed a bit since then.)
Big congratulations to you!

Congratulations and I too was thinking about you this week and wondering when you'd be back. It is so nice that nowadays a woman doesn't have to hide the pregnancy and can even flaunt it. No more maternity tents, unless of course, such makes you feel comfortable and happy. So great that it is your choice.

Hi there - congratulations on your news! You look glowing and your outfit is so cozy-chic.

All I can add to the maternity clothes comments is that, as short as the early-bump stage is, you will get your money's worth out of any new pants you buy as they are also good for post-partum bellies

All the best to you and baby!

Congratulations to you and DH - how exciting! You look gorgeous!!

Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! You will have a very stylish little one. It's so good to see you back.

Congratulations! I've been missing you and am so glad that everything is more than all right! Looking forward to being dazzled by your gorgeous maternity style.


I've missed you so much, and am so thrilled to read your exciting news!!! Hooray!!! You look fab!!!!

Congratulations!!! So glad I didn't miss this post!

Beth Ann -YES it's a J. Lo sweater. I stalked it for 6 or 7 weeks until I could get it on mark down with Kohl's Kash. ;-). I am definitely an apple and will have a look at Chico's especially since they are the parent company of black house white market and all of my clothes from there still fit comfortably (who knew).

Parsley - you are so fashionable and fabulous! You cannot make me believe that your baby is 32 (you meant 2 right?)

MsMaven - I have seen lots of people flaunt the bump and many women are anxious to begin looking pregnant. I'm not sure I want to walk around in a tube dress but I certainly don't want to live in a tent either. A happy fashionable medium will do just fine.

Torontogirl - I have to agree with you, everything I have read says that maternity jeans are a life saver and will continue to be comfortable through the "4th trimester". I am looking for the "right" pair.

MaryK - I am so happy to see you again too!

Day Vries, Welcome, welcome back! Glad to hear your absence is both temporary and excitingly positive. I hope the next months flow smoothly.
So happy for you and your family. Congratulations!

Congratulations! I've missed your WIWs!

What a nice way to mark Valentine's day My warmest congratulations and I wish you easy, joyful remaining journey towards meeting the little person.

As for style, I was pregnant well before my YLF days and had no clue about stylish sailing through that phase of my life. But I do remember that having a few very good basics could be stretched a long, long way.

I look forward to seeing how you'll adapt your style - no dilemmas you'll rise to the challenge and be as we know you - one elegant, stylish lady.