Hi everone, I'm sure we've discussed this many times before, but with a new swath of colours moving to the forefront (earth tones!) and Janet's post about retail currently lacking cool colours (as Jessica pointed out, that pain point sat with the warm, earthy tones until recently), I thought it might be worth a re-visit.

What are your tricks for wearing your "wrong" colours (i.e. those not in your undertone, colour season, or traditional flattery guidelines, whatever you ascribe to)? Or do you avoid doing so? Or do you just wear what you like and not worry about it?

For my part:

  • I mostly wear cool colours, which go with my skintone, because generally these are the colours I like anyway.
  • I'm always back and forth on whether black is truly in my palette, but I love it so I wear it anyway. I'll often wear a bit brighter of a lip color and blush when I wear black, and/or will add some contrast using white or a lighter tone like blush if I can.
  • I am dying to wear the classic beiges that are around this season, so I'll be on the lookout for the most neutral or cool-leaning version and give them a go. I'll be mixing them with my cool colours and be sure to wear makeup, so hopefully that will help.
  • I am resolving to just wear it if I like it and flattery be damned. If it feels good and looks alright to my eye, then that will just have to be good enough!