Yes...the ideal may be to have a closet full of workhorses. But all work and no fun makes for a dull closet.

Which items do you own that are NOT workhorses but more than make up for it in their Joy per Wear, or the "Happiness Factor"?

A few of mine:

  • Nicole Miller linen sheath dress -- special occasion.
  • CM silk dress -- special occasion
  • Halogen striped skirt.
  • Long and Lean flared jeans. (Weather prevents frequent wear).
  • Imelda cream pointy toed booties bought in Israel with Shevia. (Again -- a weather issue, plus, the heel is a bit low for me.)
  • Elie Tahari suit bought at the YLF meetup in Boston. (I wear the jacket a lot, but as a suit far less often).
A few newer items that will probably (but not necessarily) join their ranks:

  • R&B gilet
  • BR sequinned culottes
In all cases, these items are dressier than my regular lifestyle allows -- and yet I do have occasions to wear them, and therefore, there was a need. I also make occasions to wear them, even at home -- often Mr. Suz and I will have Saturday supper on our own at home (sans kids), and I try to "dress up" for those evenings instead of just wearing my casual daytime clothes. (After cooking, that is!)