Smittie, those are sublime!!

Karie, those blazers are still among my favourite of your wardrobe items and I love the patchwork jeans as well. It's interesting that your thoroughbreds are items that are either too dressy or too casual for work.

Such pretty items here, and I love the definition of the fashion "Thoroughbred""

I have entire capsules that could fit in here, a big part of why my wardrobe is so large. They are mainly for fashion needs /occasions different from the regular work/leisure, and how often they get worn is pretty much a function of how active my social life is at any given stage, which varies greatly year to year. I lack Finds for many of them as they tend to be an the older side, but I will include some examples.

1. Occasion dresses:

  • A formal sequin French Connection gown, fitting only for very formal occasions
  • A blue cocktail Tadashi Shoji dress, that I got last year for bunch of summer weddings, and have not had a chance to wear this year yet
  • A lace cocktail Bebe dress (much longer on me), for less formal going out situations

2. Occasion separates:

  • Black sequin Express pencil skirt - usually worn around winter holidays
  • Black Equipment sheer burn-out blouse - I could try wearing this more often but it is very delicate
  • Off-white L'Agence halter top - unusual asymmetric design with wrap around scarf, love to wear it with dramatic flares

3. Dressy items - at least too dressy/not allowed at my work :

  • My Smythe jacket (which I think I never posted about), got it at beginning of of 2015 and only wore it a handful of times. Very determined to change that this season, plan to wear the ehck out of it with jeans and other casual bottoms.
  • DVF mini-dress
  • Dramatic checked VS midi skirt
  • Same Elie Tahari suit Suz has, only worn as a full suit once earlier this year for my internship interview, but worn as separates more often
  • Super dramatic very high-waisted and very-flared retro jeans by Rich & Skinny, hemmed for 4" shoes and thus rarely worn, but feel amazing every time I do

I could probably include more different capsules, especially those for dance occasions and dressy shoes, but not enough FInds there.

This thread got me thinking. I don't think I have any. Am I being to practical? When shopping, my main concern is if it will be workhorse and will it mix well with the rest of my wardrobe. I am afraid that this is the road towards very boring wardrobe.

Some of mine are the Nicholas K jacket and Michael Kors leather, and the AS 98 booties. Jackets, toppers and shoes are the strongest wardrobe catagories for me so the competition for wears is fierce.

As a Morgan horse person, I love your idea of the thoroughbred/workhorse combo! Heh.

Let's see. I think my thoroughbreds are:

-Alice + Olivia dress I wear to weddings. It has the coolest back detail.

-LD Tuttle flats

-Theyskens Theory fishtail skirt

-Margiela H&M reissue crossover-front pants

Actually, because I tend to shop at deep discounts only, the CPW for all these is quite reasonable even if I don't wear them often. But they're all things I only bring out for special occasions.

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Greyscale, those are gorgeous. I remember the thread where you first showed us that dress. I love it on you. And the fishtail skirt looks amazing! Also the pants. You own some incredibly cool pieces.

You, too, Shedev. And as you say, you are drawn to and wear jackets and boots so no wonder your thoroughbreds fall into those categories.

Anchie, I am very much the type of shopper that you are and I had to be on YLF for a while before I gave myself permission to buy a few less practical "joy" items.

Tanya, so funny that our suit is a thoroughbred for us! I guess it makes sense given our constant diet of jeans! But it's a beautiful set that stands the test of time -- and hey -- you got the job wearing it!! I love your gorgeous dresses, too. I hope you get more occasions for wearing them soon.

Anchie, your wardrobe is NOT boring! You own silver shoes and orange pants. Not boring.

Ooh, I love this question! Some of my favorite thoroughbreds: a toile-printed pale blue & white silk shirt from Equipment; a lovely light pink Ted Baker floral cotton skirt; a buttery ivory lamb leather moto, patterned with dozens of little leather-covered buttons, by Catherine Malandrino; a snowy white sequined jacket (which, I confess, I have yet to wear--but I know I will one day,) also Catherine Malandrino; a pair of red t-strap suede heels--super comfortable and delicate; and finally, my new See by Chloe shirtdress of crisp white cotton with ruffled front placket. I'll wear it soon with a beautiful sky blue Hermes man's tie (found for $2 in a thrift shop) worn with the knot pulled low. Who knows, this one may just become a workhorse! It occurs to me that some of these items are not so much impractical as simply too memorable to wear often, but classic and well made enough to keep for a long time, and really fun to wear.

Smittie, you have a brilliant memory!! And you're right, of course!!

Tulle, I love the sounds of your thoroughbreds!! I too enjoy a lovely toile blouse (mine's from Club Monaco) but I do wear it with some regularity in its season.

The last outfit you describe sounds amazing!!

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Thank you smittie Thing is, orange pants and silver shoes go with so much of my wardrobe and I wear them all the time. Hm.. so is it possible to have a wardrobe of practical workhorses that is aslo not boring? Have to think more about it.

Intrigued by the title of this thread, Suz, I had to log in!

Some of my nicest and favorite pieces are also those which I wear most frequently. I'll await the working Thoroughbred thread to share those.

Meanwhile, I'll include my black and cream rendition of the Halogen pleated midi skirt among my Thoroughbreds. I don't wear it often, but it receives compliments every time I do. I'll also include my animal print FS/NY ballet flats (thrifted so no Find) and Banana Republic fringed blazer.

Windchime, those are all worthy thoroughbreds indeed. My Halogen skirt always elicits compliments also.

I remember that shirt of yours very well, Suz, because I absolutely love it! Not surprised that you wear it often. The white shirtdress was one of those lucky impulse buys, found online during a big Outnet sale. I took a chance (final sale) and it paid off with a perfect fit. When I tried it on, the tuxedo-shirt style made me think of the Hermes tie I've been wanting to wear--and sure enough, it really snapped the dress into focus--pure serendipity.

Thanks Sterling! I haven't posted WIW's of all my clothes. I will keep the Jason Wu dresses in mind for a possible WIW.

I love how I feel when I wear my Munro Abby's. I don't wear them as often as I could because they are more heel than I've had in years, not so comfortable for distance, and I'm really awkward on stairs with them. But improving :).

I also have a favorite blouse I haven't worn this year. I just realized I think of it as being for very fancy occasions because I wore it to a wedding, and because my wardrobe is fairly casual. I need to take it and my new NAS dresses out for a spin.

Thanks for the post Suz. Looking forward to tomorrow's.

Wear your beautiful blouse and shoes, Barbara Diane!

And Staysfit, I can't wait to see you in those beautiful dresses.

Tulle, I would love to see that outfit!

I have perhaps TOO many thoroughbreds in my wardrobe--some I will keep forever (special occasion dresses and shoes), but others could come out to play more often than they currently do.

The last-a-lifetime pieces:

  • Custom-tailored floral qipao (traditional Chinese dress) in 2-ply silk
  • B&W strapless formal dress with a twirly tulle underskirt
  • John Fluevog heeled oxfords in geometric teal (birthday present to myself this year, purchased at full price after coveting for months)

Then, here are a few of the almost-orphaned thoroughbreds which aren't likely to become workhorses but still spark joy:
  • Dove grey Danier leather blazer--a hard to pair color in my jewel-tone-heavy wardrobe, but lovely with light neutrals
  • Rust AllSaints drapey top--again, a color family not well-represented
  • CM crane-print silk blouse--I silently copy-catted this from you, Suz, when you first posted about it on YLF years ago! LOVE the print still, but the breezy silk is chilly for AC and can't be layered under because it's not completely opaque.
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Oh, KL, that is so amazing that you also bought that beautiful blouse! I agree that it's tough to layer under it, although I do sometimes wear an ivory cami. It may work okay because I am so pale in the winter that the cami and blouse are very close to my skin tone so it all kind of blends together. I tend to layer OVER mine with a jacket, more than under -- so I will wear it a lot with my Reiss blazer and sometimes with my blue moto. I don't have to contend with air conditioning either. For me, it is mainly a spring and fall piece with occasional winter outings and none in our hot summers.

Is that dove grey blazer the same one that Sveta has? I am still kicking myself for not buying that while Danier still existed! It is gorgeous!! I wish I had sprung for it. Alas.

And your qipao!!!! You must look sensational in that!!! The colours are so rich and elegant. Of course that needs to stay in your wardrobe forever.

I actually own a stunning qipao as well. It belonged to one of my best friends; she had it made for a wedding reception in China. However, she grew out of it and gave it to me for my daughter (who is from China). Alas, my daughter has the wrong body type for it. But it does fit me (barely). I don't wear it because ...well, I worry that it would read as culturally insensitive ... but I pet it now and again. I do occasionally wear a similar silk jacket I purchased in China. Somehow that feels a bit different.

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Great thread Suz! I need to take a long look at my closet, but of course my mind goes to shoes. I have a pair of platform Stephane Kelian sandals that I thrifted and thrill me although I can't wear them often, thrifted Chanel sandals that I don't want to wear out, and of course my Okalas, which mainly go to the opera but I am delighted to wear them there. I also have coats in this category but that seems far away right now. Sorry no pictures - I have a new Chromebook and have to work that out.

My thoroughbreds probably

would include my cashmere sweaters and my wool peacoat - I love wearing them but only get an opportunity to wear them a few times a year in our short winter season.

Good question!

A few items from previous seasons that come to mind include:

* Burberry Trench, mid-thigh, cotton sateen, navy
* Leather pants
* Fluevog pointed lace up flats
* EF minimalist drape leather moto jacket
* Anne Fontaine checked shirt, double-collared, double-cuffed, blue and purple

As an afterthought, I'll add the black strapless Jill Jill Stuart dress. It's not a perfect fit, and I only wore it once, but it made me feel glamorous and elicited a number of compliments from people with a wide-range of tastes.

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Gradfashionista, you have some amazing horses in your stable!! All gorgeous items and such high quality. I remember that dress, of course, but also the Burberry coat -- so fabulous on you.

Texstyle, there is something so luxurious about wearing the loveliest fabrics appropriate to our shortest season. I think that is why I love sleeveless silk blouses so much!!

Shevia, the Okalas belong at the opera!! They're such special shoes. But then you have a lot of special shoes.

What a fun way of classifying clothing! A few that come to mind for me are a vintage black cocktail dress that I've had for a decade and that fits like a glove, a pair of bejeweled deep pink satin peep toes, a purple lace cocktail dress, a black enamel cuff encrusted in pearls and jewels, and a red fit-and-flare cocktail dress. Although none of them were particularly pricey, they are all beloved!

Trouser jeans, I may not wear them as much as other silhouettes, but I love them. Whenever I go through my bottoms I am happy just touching them. I would have to add a second category, as a homeschooling mother I don't get to wear pumps often, but have both neutrals and some great colors too!

My candy apple red patent Stuart Weitzman pumps. They are 3 inches high and I have never worn them for more than 1 hour at a time due to a bad ankle that cannot be repaired. But the color makes me happy just to look at them.

My tuxedo, a close copy of YSL's original smoking (

Two lush winter coats in an extremely temperate, rainy climate: a knee-length black cashmere wrap and a nearly ankle length rust alpaca/wool Balmacaan.

I've enjoyed seeing everyone's "thoroughbreds". I thought I didn't have one, but then thought of my Missoni poncho. I don't wear it a lot, even though I LOVE it.

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JAileen, that definitely qualifies!! What gorgeous colours. I hope you get to wear it more often soon!

Ah, Cerinda, that would be a dream of mine -- to have le smoking. I'll bet you look amazing in it. And you share this love of luxe items for a climate not lived in. I wonder if that is part of the definition of luxury.

Anna, those pumps make me smile just to THINK of them!! No wonder you love them.

Tracey, I hear you on not wearing pumps but loving the sight of them in the closet!

Penny, those items sound delicious. I notice a "dressy" theme. I'll bet you live a fairly casual life, like me. Le sigh....