Well I've done a fair bit of thinking and working through both my closet and budget this past week and have come up with a significant problem - my personality.

I wrestle with what I want to achieve in terms of cutting back on personal waste, excessive spending, simplifying choices, managing clutter, etc. with who I am at my very core - someone who enjoys variety and introducing new items into my wardrobe. Somehow I need to find a balance.

I think I've really narrowed down and come to some conclusions about my current style regarding comfort and aesthetics. I would sincerely hope this will decrease purchasing mistakes and closet orphans. I will say that I am much more confident and sure in my choices these days than I ever have been before. That is in no small part due to YLF and all of you

So how does a gal who wants a few things to refresh her fall wardrobe deal with a small budget, not expanding her closet and making sure these items will fit for a while during her weight loss journey?

  1. I still plan on sticking with my previous commitment to the one-in, one-out rule. This has been working incredibly well for me since I started.
  2. I have made up a wardrobe budget with hubby's input. Because it is his salary that will be decreasing due to the change in work hours, he needs to have some say and input IMO. He knows my personality well (after 30 years together, he should!) so gets that I need a new "something" every now and again. I can either purchase one item per payday up to xxx amount, or accumulate that amount in order to purchase something more pricey. And I will be using the "jar" method for this - literally putting those dollars into a jar so that I can see what I'm saving/spending.
  3. I am quite smitten with several of the items in the fall 2014 Olsen Europe line (as per my post here http://youlookfab.com/welookfa.....sen-europe) and would like to add a few of those pieces. I do like being able to shop in a local brick and mortar store. The items that I am considering adding are in pics below. They are items that I can purchase to fit now but will fit for a while due to the style/silhouette, the fact that I don't lose weight quickly at my age and because the current trend is for a looser fit. And if any of the items successfully make their way into my closet, I will be practicing one-in, one-out in order to allow them in.

I am really happy with the earlier purging I did and am very pleased with what I've accomplished so far. I feel so much more in control than before and even with this slight concession (for lack of a better term) still believe I am sticking with my overall plan to simplify. Would love to hear your feedback on a) does my plan seem reasonable and still responsible?, b) what do you think of these items below for me?

If you've made it through all of this, I applaud and thank you Putting all of these thoughts down has been absolutely crucial in helping me reach this point.

If you want to catch up at all on my series of simplicity posts, here are the links:

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