Hi all

I had intended this post to wrap up my “winter” posts but the weather has already warmed up quite a lot. We are still experiencing some cold mornings and evenings but daytime top temperatures have been quite warm. We’ve even had a few days around 35C. Transitional seasons can be quite short here.

These are some transitional outfits I wore during late August/September. I generally like to lighten up my palette at this time of year.

1-2: Going out for lunch on an unseasonably warm winter’s day. This outfit is similar to Angie’s dress with tall boots outfit formula, but I wear skirts more than dresses. I find tall boots useful in this transitional period because generally it doesn’t feel warm enough yet for sandals or sneakers. I prefer lighter coloured tall boots because black
tall boots start to feel too heavy. (I do still wear my shorter black combat boots because they are not as dominating.) The top here is a DIY dye to match the skirt. The belt is new. It’s a verdigris(!) design. When I saw it, I KNEW I had to have it.

3: Floral for the first day of Spring. In this transitional weather I wear skirts more but I often need a jumper or jacket, particularly at the start or end of the day. I am a big fan of cotton jumpers because they are not as warm as wool and I can wear them directly against my skin. I can’t do that with wool because of the itch. I usually wear a tee or tank underneath the jumper. When I’m out and about I can remove the jumper if the day gets warmer and I start to feel uncomfortable. The jumper is easily stashed in my bag or tied around my waist.

4: Verdigris camo. Trying out the verdigris belt with my camo pants. The wrap top is cotton. V necks are definitely not my best look, but every now and then I like some neckline variety.

5: Daytime velvet. I bought this skirt which is just all kinds of perfect for me. Velvet. Copper. Patina. It’s late in the season for velvet but I have managed to wear it a few times. Here I wore it during the day dressed down with combat boots, backpack and a textured cotton jumper. I wore a copper top under the green open knit and my verdigris belt to amp up the whole patina/verdigris thing.

6-7: Teal and camo. A rare instance of me wearing my teal scarf “as a scarf” on a windy day. The bag is new. I am feeling drawn to larger slouchy bags again. This bag can be worn cross body and also converts into a backpack. That is very handy for me. And of course the teal colour and patina are big attractions. It also had room for my teal cotton sweater jacket (another variation to my Spring outfit formula).

8: Taking my favourite skirt out for the day.

9-10: High low mix. Brunello Cucinelli skirt with Ezibuy cotton jumper (around 8-10 years old) and second hand no name velvet bag (a steal at $10). The waistband of the jumper has relaxed and lost some elasticity. Cotton is prone to that. I just tuck it under my tank top at the front to hide the waistband. The tank top has enough elasticity to keep it in place. I wore this to lunch with my mum. Because I knew she would covet my bag. The bag is greenish, but I think it toned.

11-12: Texture, texture, texture. I am obsessed with it at the moment. I was happy with the way the textural elements of this outfit came together: the metallic pleats, the open knit top, the slubby frayed jacket, the woven bag, the knobby necklace.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed participating in an east coast Aussie winter/early Spring. I’m well into planning for Summer now, and have already broken out my Summer wear on the 35C days (not shown here). I will post about my Summer plan separately.